Simple Ways To Get Your Pet To Take Medicine

August 24, 2021

For pet owners, one of the most daunting tasks is convincing their pets to take their meds. This is particularly hard because most pets just don’t like taking it, resulting in missed doses and pet owners feeling exhausted most of the time. Whether it’s in liquid or tablet form, getting pets to take their meds on time is crucial especially if we want them to get better faster. Check out this article for more details of the HVAC vacuum pump and how it works 


As a pet owner, what are the things that you can do to help our fur babies? How can we make sure that they can follow their treatment plan? Here are 8 simple, yet creative tips for you to try the next time your pet needs to take their meds.


  1. Sneak In the Medicine in Wet Food with An Overpowering Smell


Compared to human beings, cats and dogs have a particularly sensitive sense of smell. They’d instantly know that you’re trying to sneak in some meds into their food, but you can particularly make this happen if you mix it in a strong-smelling and wet food. This way, the food will overpower the medication’s scent making it easier for you to give it to your pet. You can save on pet food too – why not bulk buy cat food to save money.


  1. Give All Your Pets A Treat


If you have more than one pet at home, you know how these furballs are when it comes to treats. They’ll be naturally drawn to eat faster and they might not even notice the meds that you’ve slipped in those treats. This is an advantage on your end – just make sure that you slip the tablet or pill into the pile of treats intended for your sick pet. Your furball won’t even realize that he already took its medicine during the competition.


  1. Turn It Into A Game


Play a tossing game, for instance. Toss some treats and try to see if the pet will be able to catch it. The pet will be naturally excited and drawn to it that he won’t notice it when you toss a pill on your next few throws.


  1. Hide The Medicine In A Capsule


Similar to meds that humans take, some of them are particularly bitter in taste, that they would immediately be averted to it even if they’re mixed in treat or food. What you can do is to get an empty capsule so you can put the tablet inside. This way, the pet won’t have to go through a hard time tasting the bitter-tasting medicine.


  1. Prepare The Meds From Out Of Their Sight


You may have realized it, but dogs and cats are pretty smart. They observe things and they know when something’s off. They’ll easily realize that you’re about to give the medications and might be averted to it immediately. Instead, prepare a small batch by mixing it up in their treat or food, then store it in the refrigerator. Then if you’re preparing for a meal, let the treat “accidentally” fall from the refrigerator to the floor. Your pet will immediately go to it and think that he just got a free and instant treat.


  1. Go For Walks


Take your dog out and go for a walk. Halfway through the walk, give your pet a treat with medicine mixed in it. He’ll gobble it up thinking that he received a treat and he’s way distracted from everything going on outside. With a lot of things to smell and see when taking a walk, the dog will be more interested in other factors than trying to figure out what’s inside its treat.


  1. Apply It On Their Paws


If your pet has been prescribed a form of liquid or powder medication, mix it up with peanut butter and put it on their paws. Dogs love peanut butter, and they don’t like anything in their paws. It’s a win-win situation – your dog will be able to get peanut butter with meds and be able to take its meds at the same time.


  1. Incorporate Medication Into A Treat


If you have a prescription, you can visit a compounding pharmacy. The pharmacy will then compound and incorporate it into those treats that come in different flavors, making it easier to give to your pet.


All of these 8 things are simple, creative, and straightforward ways to make sure that your pet doesn’t miss a dose again. Since these treats are appealing and tasty, you never have to force medications inside its mouth, and your pet will be more than excited to gobble it up on its own without exerting too much effort on your end.


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