When Is The Best Time To Travel To Ibiza?

August 24, 2021

Ibiza is an island that is visited by hundreds of thousands of tourists every year, and in summer, especially in July and August, the island is high season. This is when the villas in Ibiza are the most expensive and it is difficult to find good accommodation at a convenient time. On the other hand, October is family-friendly. We can find child friendly villas in Ibiza, practically empty beaches, where the atmosphere on the island is calmer and more peaceful.

In July and August, the weather is good and many people have vacations, so Ibiza as a tourist area is highly coveted and is at full capacity but other dates are good to go to visit Ibiza and fully enjoy it depending on the time we have and what we want to do on our vacation.

Easter in Ibiza is a time used by many athletes, such as cyclists who take advantage of the good weather and the sports competitions that are held at these festivals on the island to practice what they like the most and enjoy the island. Easter usually indicates the beginning of the tourist season and many seniors take the opportunity to discover the island with a calmer tone these days.

In May the good weather begins in Ibiza, we can see the first tourists on the beach at the beginning of the month. The festivities of the first Sunday of May in Santa Eulalia gather many people and especially the commemoration of Ibiza, a world heritage city with its medieval Ibiza, become the beginning of the tourist season, the ideal occasion to start our holidays and discover the walls of Ibiza and its old city. At the end of the month, the great openings of nightclubs begin, an unmissable party for lovers of techno music. Prices in Ibiza are low and we still find many places closed or about to open.

In June the middle season begins in Ibiza, a pleasant occupation and a more than a good time, the opening of the party in the discos continues at the beginning of the month and in a few days the discos are in full swing. We can find some interesting offers and the island is at full capacity we can enjoy the island both on beaches and its wide range of leisure. If you want to explore the island, you can contact a yacht charter in Ibiza to fully experience and enjoy the wonders of the island. If you are feeling adventurous, go scuba diving or spearfishing to experience Ibiza’s underwater world. Just make sure to get the necessary licenses and do not forget your spearfishing equipment!

July and August are high seasons in Ibiza and the occupancy is total, the prices rise higher, the big parties and events are held these months when the island collapses. The weather is very hot and it is fully enjoyed on the beach, it hurts from the occupation and traffic jams by a large number of tourists. In the last week of August, the occupancy drops slightly.

September is one of my favorite months, the waters are warm after the hot summer and you can fully enjoy the beaches the first week of September, the occupancy grows again due to the great drop in prices from August to September. After The first week of September the traffic drops considerably and in the second and third week of September traffic jams and crowds drop, you can fully enjoy the island with all its tourist artillery in motion and the good weather in addition to finding reasonable prices. At the end of the month, the clubs begin to close parties, finding good leisure opportunities.

In October the last nightclubs close and many places begin to close from day to morning. It looks like the tourist season seems to end, the seawater is still warm so we can still enjoy a bath and a calm atmosphere or practice some sport without disturbing.

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