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September 5, 2021

Own a flagship phone from the largest mobile phone brand in the world but it still feels like there is something that’s missing? You are not alone. In fact, the technology and material used in making a phone have become so redundant that it always feels like you have used it before. That’s because you have. Every year, a new variety of Galaxy is released with a mind-blowing price point. But when you look closer, the body is almost the same, the features are not new either. So, you might feel proud to own a flagship phone for a couple of days until your friend buys it and then almost everyone in your circle has the same phone. Ultimately, even though your phone is flagship and premium, everyone has got it, and you too have grown bored of it. 

So, what’s the solution. Vertu mobile price and features are one example of the kind of phone you can own in 2021 and never get bored of. These areas expensive as the flagship phones with a ton of high-end features but what’s unique about them is how they’re made. They are studded with diamonds, built-in leather, and decorated with gold. Yes, it’s true. So, don’t be baffled by vertu mobile price. Because it is the perfect investment you want to make in 2021.

There are many reasons why you would want to do that. For starters, you will never get over it. The fact that your phone has diamond studded in it is going to be thr topic of conversation for everyone in your vicinity. Owning a flagship phone from a brand may give you the elite feeling only until your neighbor buys it too but when it comes to gold plated phones, it will never go unnoticed. After all, there are only a few reasons why she buys a flagship phone — yes, it’s about technology but what it is also about is luxury and sophistication which not every phone can provide. 

What is great about these premium phones are is that they are technically rice. From whopping storage of 256GB to AMOLED display and a massive 4500mah battery in a slim, diamond-studded, and leather cover design, there are more than just smartphones. They are luxurious smartphones that you might want to invest your flagship money in rather. 

What is more interesting is that you can think of your purchase as an investment. Gold, diamond, are valued very high and rather than a depreciating item, your purchase can be an asset. The bottom line is if you are bored with the same designs and finish of so-called premium phones that are nothing but a slightly better version of their predecessor, it’s time to make a change for good. Rather than shifting brands, try shifting to something like vertu mobile. You will find that the phones are just the thing you need in your life. Think about it. All the best! 

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Andi Perullo de Ledesma

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