Men’s Accessories Care Guide

September 12, 2021

Every fashionable man has a plethora of accessories at his disposal, and just like clothes, those accessories need to be looked after in order to stay looking their best. From shoes to jewelry, there is a lot for the modern man to keep on top of, but unfortunately, it is not a one-size-fits-all approach.

To help you keep your wardrobe and all facets within it looking pristine, and to allow you to look sharp at all times, we have put together a men’s accessories care guide.


One of the highest maintenance accessories a man will own comes in the form of footwear. Nothing brings your outfit down more than a pair of scuffed or dirty shoes, but in a likely manner, shoes are the accessory most exposed to the elements. You likely have a pair for every occasion, each one made from different materials.  

For suede shoes, you will need to invest in a special suede brush. Make sure you brush your shoes in one direction using the brush on a regular basis. This will keep them free of dust. If you find that your suede shoes are marked, there is a good chance it’s just the fibers of the suede that have got stuck down. In this instance, brush the affected area back and forth. It is also best to use a suede protection spray to keep your shoes looking box fresh.

To care for your leather shoes, start off in a similar fashion by gently removing dust and debris with a soft brush. If the leather has a finish, get a soft cloth — such as microfiber — and lather up a mild soap solution to clean the shoe. For unfinished leather, swap mild soap for saddle soap. For optimal results, store your shoes in a shoe bag. 


Once you have your shoes looking pristine, it is time to move on to the smaller accessories in your repertoire, such as jewelry. Just like shoes, if you treat your jewelry well, it will do the same for you. Starting with your watch, you need to use a very mildly damp cloth (such as microfiber or silk) to clean the watch face and metal strap. Leather straps should not be exposed to moisture, so avoid cleaning them beyond a quick brush. 

For your metalware, you will need to take a slightly more intricate approach. For designer silver cufflinks, rings, bracelets and necklaces, your best bet is to use a specialist silver cleaner and rinse with warm water. You will then need to blot the metal dry with a polishing cloth to keep your piece looking shiny. 

Gold is a durable metal and can withstand more than most, but it still needs cleaning delicately. A mild soap mixed with warm water is the best option. Make sure to use a jewelry brush or a soft microfiber cloth for scrubbing, though, to avoid leaving scratches or tarnishing the finish of the gold. 

In general, jewelry of any kind should be removed before things like cleaning, bathing and arduous physical activities are undertaken. You should also look to clean your jewelry once a month.

If you have an earring, this may need a slightly different approach, especially if it is a new piercing. Whilst there is generally no time limit on how long you can keep earrings in for, remember to take them out when going swimming and the like because chlorine can greatly damage the metal. It’s a good idea to clean your ear piercing with warm salt water in its first year, and wipe off the earrings, too. 


Hopefully these care tips will help you keep your accessories in tip top condition moving forwards, allowing you to look stylish and chic from head to toe. 

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