These Unique Trips are Perfect for Animal Lovers

September 21, 2021
Animal Lover

Animal Lover

When it comes to booking a vacation or excursion, there are many important things to consider — one of the essential decisions travellers must make is what they want to experience on their trip. For animal lovers, in particular, this opens up a variety of doors. There are many places around the world that offer experiences and landscapes tailored to those interested in local and regional wildlife.

Before you book your ticket or tour guide, let’s take a closer look at ___ unique travelling experiences that animal lovers won’t want to miss out on.

Wildlife Spotting in Patagonia

Patagonia sits at the southernmost tip of South America, sharing with Argentina and Chile. Its deep blue waters and luscious forests are just two of the reasons travellers from around the world are vying to book a Patagonia expedition for their first visit. For animal enthusiasts, it offers a diverse range of wildlife that you won’t find in other parts of the globe.

Its towering peaks, deep rivers and abundant forests draw in numerous species — from larger animals like whales and guanacos to smaller species including penguins, hawks, and grey foxes. Patagonia is ideal for anyone who is intrigued by many animals. Its variety means you don’t have to pick and choose what you want to see, you can experience them all.

Dog Sledding in Greenland

Set on a backdrop of a rugged landscape, Greenland’s Ilulissat region is not only rich in culture but offers unforgettable dog sledging excursions. It is a traditional transportation method and equally as exciting to experience. In addition to seeing Greenland in its most natural way, you also have the opportunity to learn more about their dogs and their lifestyle in that climate.

Elephant Sanctuaries in Thailand

In recent years, governments have become stricter on the laws and regulations surrounding unethical Elephant entertainment. In Thailand, there are sanctuaries dedicated to rescuing and protecting elephants who have been taken from their natural habitat and moved into the entertainment and tourism industry. While these sanctuaries attract tourists, elephants are kept at a safe distance so they may live out the rest of their days in a more peaceful environment. Visiting a sanctuary is an excellent way to not only see these majestic animals but also to educate yourself on the history of elephants and the entertainment industry.

Wildlife Conservancies in Kenya

A safari is undoubtedly a bucket list trip for many travellers and animal lovers, and wildlife conservancies in countries like Kenya are ideal for anyone looking to experience Africa’s vast population of animals. These trips often include safari camping and various activities from bird watching to driving through the terrain to spot any number of wildlife — including leopards, cheetahs, impalas, and lions in their natural habitat. Similar to elephant sanctuaries, conservancies are committed to the protection of these animals and offer visitors a chance to further educate themselves on their conservation efforts and how they can help make a difference worldwide.

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