Eight Of The Best British Designer Clothing Brands

September 23, 2021

It cannot be denied that the UK is a major fashion scene, wherein multiple fashion brands have made a name for themselves. Whether you are a patriotic Brit or just a fan of the culture and fashion scene, there are a wide array of designers for you to explore.

1. Burberry

Burberry is globally recognizable both through name and through the garments themselves. Thomas Burberry is actually the inventor of the gabardine fabric, used primarily for Burberry’s trench coats and applauded for its durability. Similarly, the signature checked pattern of Burberry can be spotted and identified a mile off by consumers worldwide. If you step out in Burberry, you certainly will not go unnoticed. 

2. Alexander McQueen

Unfortunately, the world lost Alexander McQueen in 2010, however, his legacy lives on through his brand and his successor, Sarah Burton. His styles make dramatic leaps from classic to daring, as he maintains traditional tailoring techniques, whilst mixing them with new style methods. Furthermore, his suits are made in the highest quality, right down to the smallest of details. Though his brand is not as recognizable as Burberry, it certainly makes up for it through its eye-catching aesthetic.

3. Stella McCartney

Although Stella McCartney is the daughter of the Beatles’ Paul McCartney, she has managed to emerge from her father’s shadow and become a self-accomplished, household name. Her pieces are known for their sharp tailoring, intricate details, and a unique balance between modern and classic styles. Additionally, if you are an animal lover, her brand maintains a cruelty-free stance. This means that fur, feather, or leather are not used in any of her collections.

4. Temperley London

Temperley London is an independent brand, offering bespoke evening gowns and personality-filled dresses. The brand emulates a bohemian and feminine aesthetic, whilst incorporating intricate ornamentation and exquisite fabrics. Uniquely, Temperley London places much emphasis on its origins by creating distinctly British garments.

5. Vivienne Westwood

Despite being well into her 70s, Vivienne Westwood is still a massively influential designer across the globe. She was responsible for the fusing of the UK’s punk scene with the high-fashion industry. Therefore, her designs are catered towards rebellious women with alternative styles.

6. Paul Smith

Sir Paul Smith is globally recognized as a symbol of British sophistication; although he presents the occasional eccentric design, they are always classy, modern, and British. Impressively, Sir Paul Smith was knighted in 2000, hence his title.

7. Victoria Beckham

As a former member of one of the most iconic British girl bands and the wife of one of the most iconic British footballers, you will not find anyone more iconic, nor more quintessentially British than Victoria Beckham. Her brand concentrates mainly on flattering and comfortable pieces for women, presenting an ideal fashion balance. 

8. Self-Portrait

Self-Portrait has been making its way into the Hollywood scene through the likes of Reese Witherspoon and Kristen Stewart. However, the brand received greater exposure after being worn by Meghan Markle. They are known for their elegant and feminine fashion; anyone after a timeless, classic style should definitely be wearing Self-Portrait.


Whether a timeless classic or an innovative new brand, Britain is home to some of the world’s most renowned fashion labels. If you are looking to update your wardrobe it is definitely worth considering these homegrown brands. Globally, Britain is considered to be the home of class and sophistication, and these brands certainly convey this. The possibilities are endless, as each brand caters to various occasions, styles, genders, sizes, and body shapes, truly communicating the diversity of British culture. 

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