Four Tips For Surviving Thick Snow In Romania

September 25, 2021

Weather patterns differ across the world. In Romania, recent weather patterns have resulted in roads being covered in thick snow. For residents in Sibiu, the harsh weather during winter is nothing new. Visitors flocking to Romania in the winter season can be overwhelmed by the cold weather, which sometimes hits record lows. If you plan on visiting the region when snow is falling, you need to put into practice the tips listed in this article to help you cope.

Romanian Hills Tourist Attraction During Winter

Before the Covid-19 pandemic hit, Romania attracted thousands of tourists in winter due to the snow covered hills. The steep slopes are perfect for both beginner and experienced skiing enthusiasts. The strict travel guidelines enacted to curb the virus have limited travel and in so doing, the number of tourists getting into the country.

Tourists visiting the country have to produce a COVID-19 negative certificate before they are allowed to enter the country. That means you can still embark on that long awaited skiing trip to Romania as long as you meet the travel requirements.

Romanian winters are harsher than what you might be used to at home. At times, temperatures go as low as -15OC. Surviving though such cold conditions is not for everyone. Here are tips that can help live through the cold winters in Romania.  

How To Survive Cold Winters

1. Fit Your Car With Winter Tires

Driving conditions change drastically in winter. Roads covered in snow become slippery and the falling snowflakes distort visibility. Drivers can hardly see 5 meters ahead of their car when driving in snowy weather.

Swapping your normal car tires with ones that are specially made to plough through snow ensures that you do not get stuck. If you own a 4 X 4 vehicle, winter is the time when you realize that fuel economy is not everything in a car. Sure, your vehicle will consume more gas, but you are less likely to get stuck.

2. Dress For Cold Weather 

The cold during a snowstorm in Romania is only the beginning of the winter experience. Temperatures drop even further in the days that follow heavy snowstorms in Romania.

You need to layer your clothes to keep warm and remain indoors whenever you can. Do not forget to cover your hands with warm gloves. You can also keep a cup containing a hot beverage by your side to boost your body’s warmth.

3. Be Cautious On The Road

Country roads in Romania serve residents from all walks of life. You have to watch out for pedestrians, animal-drawn carts, cyclists, children, and wild animals that sometimes stray onto the roads when driving.  

Rural roads in Romania don’t have proximity to services like in America. Therefore, the safest way to avoid becoming stranded is to avoid accidents altogether. You can prevent accidents by driving carefully and ensuring your car is always visible when you are on the road. 

4. Schedule Plans Like It Is Winter

Train rides and public transport are popular in winter because most people prefer to park their cars at home. The high number of commuters put a strain on public transport systems causing delays and change in schedules.

When planning to move around in the winter season, plan your schedule knowing that delays might hinder you from accomplishing everything you had planned to see through in one day.

Enjoy Winter Without Ugly Incidents

You would be surprised by the high number of people who are caught unprepared by winter despite prior warning by weather forecasters. Putting in place plans long before snow starts falling from the sky allows you to avoid the rush for winter gear. You also enjoy fair prices since stores tend to hike prices when there is high demand.

Keeping in mind the tips listed above, you can now go through the tough cold of winter knowing that you are well-equipped to handle anything the weather presents.

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