Advice on Buying Printed Shirts

September 30, 2021

Advice on Buying Printed Shirts

When you are looking at where to print shirts you need to look for a professional place with experience and good reviews about the quality not just of the print but of everything else. Nothing is more annoying than ordering something wanting to impress someone whether customers, other teams or just to wear yourself and then it looks awful. It wastes your time as well as your money. Here are some tips to help you see the best results when ordering printed shirts.

Check their experience and reputation

Buy only from a company with a reputation for reliability and quality work. You can look them up online to confirm it. Look at what previous customers have to say. Look at the images and shirts they offer by looking at their website.

Choose artwork that will work

You need to find artwork for the shirt when you are looking at where to print shirts in Singapore and you can select your own or you can choose somewhere that offers various designs. Think carefully about your choice as you need something that works with your chosen type of printing method, that is the right size and does not get distorted.

Find a printer with the options you want

You will have certain preferences when you are looking for custom printed shirts, perhaps a certain colour combination and type, or a certain style of printing, or children’s sizes, or a range of plus sizes for adults and so on. Check they have the material, sizes, and type you are looking for, some printers specialise and might not cover your needs.

Assess an example they send

It is always a good idea to request a sample sent to you or see if you can have one shirt printed and sent so you can check it meets your needs. When looking at where to print shirts see if they offer that so you know what is coming in the main order. Too often people order something in bulk and then have a large number of shirts they do not like or cannot sell.

Do they offer a curing process?

Not all places offer to cure but it is a process for screen printed shirts where the art is heated for less than a minute to about 400 degrees Fahrenheit, to harden it. It helps prevent the picture from getting damaged or cracking later on. While using an iron on the back of the image on the shirt can help, it is not quite as effective.

Compare prices

When you are exploring where to print shirts in Singapore you should choose a handful and then compare the quality of work as well as prices. Prices vary depending on things like the type of printing used, whether a custom design was needed, the shirts’ quality, how many colours are needed, how many you are ordering and so on. Some places offer discounts on bulk orders and free shipping. check rubaali fitness








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