6 Secrets Your Rental Car Company Won’t Tell You

October 2, 2021

When we go on a vacation within America, we have two choices. We can either fly to our destination and rent a car, or we can go on a long road trip in our autos. From a time and cost-saving perspective, it often makes sense to opt for the former choice.

Each year, millions of us rent cars for leisure purposes within the United States. As you can imagine, the Internet makes it easy to find and book a rental car. But rental companies won’t share with you some tips to help you save time, money and stress.

You might not realize it. But most people that rent an auto pay more than they need to! Especially when we get the blame for accidental damage! The following six secrets disclosed by DISCOVER CARS are ones that you won’t find any rental car firm telling you. Still, you should read and digest these facts to make you a savvier renter!

  1. They make more money out of you if you don’t book in advance

Many people just rock up to the counter of their nearest rental car company and book there and then. The thing is, booking a few weeks in advance online will save you lots of money. Especially if you pre-pay for your rental on the Internet!

  1. It’s not mandatory to buy their extra insurance cover

Rental firms will try to sell you add-on insurance policies to lower your deductible. The thing is, you can buy damage cover from insurance companies yourself online. And, shockingly, you’ll only pay a small fraction of the cost for the same insurance cover!

  1. They don’t care if you have an accident

Let’s face it. We live in a society where we sue each other if we think we could get money for something. It’s a fact that applies to auto accidents. When you rent a car, I recommend you take a dashcam with you. What if the worst should happen? You can give the video evidence to your car accident lawyer so that you don’t end up getting sued by other parties.

  1. They won’t tell you about existing vehicle damage

When you rent a car, it’s likely it will already have some damage to it from previous renters. Don’t sign the rental agreement without having all damage documented! I also recommend taking photos of the damage with your smartphone.

  1. You have to pay extra for a baby seat

Are you traveling with a baby or toddler? If so, car rental companies will happily give you a seat for your little one. The only catch is that you have to pay for it. In fact, renting one often costs more than buying one brand new! That’s why it pays to bring your own one for your travels.

  1. Your local driving laws could be different to theirs

Some states have different rules that might seem alien to you. The thing is, rental companies won’t tell you about them. It’s your responsibility to learn about them before you drive. The last thing you want is a ticket for something you didn’t know about!

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