Ten Top Adventure Vacation Ideas

October 5, 2021

Some people like a vacation that is safe and predictable, while others seek adventure and a more active break away from everyday life. So, what are your options if you love to get into the wilderness and see spectacular landscapes and exotic species? 

Mountain Skiing 

If you love skiing, then Canada, and Whistler, in particular, is one of the best locations for an adventure holiday. Whistler mountain sits close to the cosmopolitan city of Vancouver and offers an array of adventure skiing opportunities such as downhill skiing and backcountry skiing.  

Both of these skiing styles offer something different. Downhill skiing is more controlled and faster, while back; country skiing takes you on a journey through unmarked areas and mysterious landscapes. This is the perfect opportunity to move off-piste and discover something new.  

Rafting In The Canyon 

If you have visited the Grand Canyon before, chances are you looked down on the Colorado River from above; chances are you saw the Colorado River as most tourists do and snapped photos of it like the ones you have seen before online and in travel guidebooks. 

Rafting the canyon gives you a different perspective altogether. When you raft the canyon, you come toe to toe with the great river that carved it out over a two billion year period. Not only will you have a fun time in the rapids, but you will gain new perspectives on earth’s natural wonder. 

Hiking And Camping 

There is never a bad time of year to put on your hiking boots, pack a tent, and head into the hills or mountains for a hiking or camping trip. Hiking is great exercise, and you get to enjoy spectacular views along the way. Hiking is also a great way to socialize and have an adventure. 

Although, hiking and camping have many advantages, you need to make sure you are well prepared so that you can relax and have a nice time. One way to do this is to ensure you have all the right gear packed — visit EcoGear FX to get everything need for a hiking trip all in one place.   

Visiting Venice

Visiting Venice might not seem like an adventure vacation, but truthfully, it is like transporting yourself into the past and viewing the architecture and artwork the way humans did in the renaissance period. Venice is a floating city, and it is home to the Rocco Museum of art. 

Everyone wants to see the famous Michelangelo room of the Sistine Chaple in Vatican City, and if you go, it is worth the visit; however, this trip is always crowded, and you might not get the experience you expect. So instead, spend your time in Venice for a unique cultural experience.    

Sleep Under The Stars 

If you want to view the sky as it really is, you need to get out of the city and find a dark zone where you can see as many stars and planets as possible without any light pollutants. Unfortunately, even areas that are close to towns and cities are significantly affected by light pollution. 

What could be better than camping out in a sparse and ancient landscape with no artificial light around anywhere? This is what you get when you go on an adventure vacation to Namibrand, Namibia. This vast nature reserve is a gold-certified dark sky spot.   

Swim With Turtles

Giant turtles are beautiful animals. You might be familiar with these ocean-going creatures from television shows and documentaries but seeing them up close and swimming with them is a different experience altogether. Unlike on land, these animals are graceful in the water. 

But giant sea turtles are not the only exotic creatures you will encounter when you take an adventure vacation to Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia. This spectacular coral reef attracts 500 species of fish, and it is extremely shallow, making it accessible to most people.  

Live With Tribes

When it comes to visiting and living with ancient tribes, there are some best practices to follow. It is certainly the case that some tribes do not wish to be disturbed by modern tourists passing through, but some are open to interacting with outsiders. So, it is important to choose the right tribe and follow their protocols. 

One example of an accessible tribe is the Huaorani tribe in the Ecuadorian Amazon — an endangered tribe that benefits from visitors who come to stay in lodges and huts and provides a cultural lifeline that helps to keep their traditions alive. 

Descend A Volcano

Clip yourself onto a window cleaner’s lift and descend into the rocky underbelly of one of Iceland’s most accessible volcanos. The Thrihnukagigur volcano is an active but dormant volcano that last erupted 4000 years ago. You will be impressed by the magma chamber and bellowing acoustics. 

But why would anyone want to descend into an active volcano? The simple answer is for adventure and to experience a perspective on the earth like never before. Inside the magma chamber, you will encounter a unique world of colors, sights, and smells.  

Stay On An Island

There is a part of all of us that wants to escape; we would love to walk away from the dramas of our lives and live on a deserted island for a time where things are simpler and more alive. That is what you find when you visit St. Helena island in Scotland.

Scotland has around 800 empty islands along with a favorable attitude to wild camping. What better way to escape from the hardships of modern life than to trek into the wilderness of a Scottish island where your only concerns are the weather and the raw beauty.    

Visit Antarctica

If Scotland is not remote enough for you, a trip to Antarctica might suit you a little better. Antarctica is an ice dessert that is one of the highest, driest, and windiest locations on earth. It also has some of the most spectacular landscapes and most exotic animals. 

The best way to explore Antarctica is by cruise. On a sea voyage like this, you will see penguins and Baleen whales and seals resting on the thick ice. You will also see a magical landscape you will not forget.    

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