Shopping Affordable Canadian Swimwear That Lets You Have a Great Time at the Beach

October 6, 2021


Well, all this sounds like a perfect period of delightful summer, and the holidays are approaching again pretty soon. For this summer spring season, most of you would have already started searching for a stylish yet comfy bikini. 

We all know that it just always begins with locating a renowned Vancouver swimwear company offering the most feminine and chic range of affordable Canadian swimwear. Whether you are just going to lounge, sunbathe, or swim at the beach, you certainly need to choose something spectacular that brings out your curves at their best. 

With this, and so many other reasons and concerns, a question that comes up is, “How to Choose the Right Bikini for Your Body Type?” We totally understand that wearing swimwear and pulling off that beach look is no more intimidating. However, still, there are many lovely ladies out there who find this a daunting experience. Shopping, especially from designer brands, can be frustrating as they all are not designed for every body type. They have their limitations too! 

Not to worry; we have made it much easier for you. Here we have put together a list of useful tips to help you find a flattering swimsuit that will make you look gorgeous and delicate. Even if you haven’t tried losing those extra pounds, our tips would be worth reading on. 

Watch What You Wear 

As mentioned before, every woman’s body type is different and unique. The features and curves are something that every woman out there is thrilled about, especially when summers are on. This gives you a valid reason to shop from a Canadian swimwear brand that holds a collection, accentuating your body at its best. Before you add products to the cart, make sure that pretty little piece looks cute on you. 

Opt For Wrap-Ups 

With all sexy beachwear, you can try wearing a wrap or a cover-up that compliments well. Even celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Cardi B, and others call cover-ups a sexy yet casual style to look more toned. It goes without saying that it is far better than wearing a beach towel or an old t-shirt around the waist. It looks boring now! So make sure you find some time to buy a lightweight and breezy cover-up. 

Pick Dark Or Vibrant Tones 

It is believed in the fashion industry that dark shades deliver more of a toned effect to the body. Talking about colours like navy blue hues and especially black, they are considered perfect for hiding those extra bulges and love handles. To spice up things more, you can opt for swimwear with more laser cuts and silhouettes. Yes, this is how you can add a pinch of sexiness to your beach ensemble. 

Bright Solids – Color Blocking – Ruffles Are Trending 

These styles are undoubtedly known for their attention-drawing factor, especially when you have not-so-good-looking fat bulges. Furthermore, imperatively placed nets, ruffles, and seams make your bust look more even and bigger, drawing the eye up. Don’t just hesitate to try bolder and soothing shades like Orchid Pink, Ivy Green, Onyx Black, and Azure Blue. Even colour blocking with all such solids is also a great thing to experiment with this summer season. 

Stripes Never Go Out Of Style 

The best thing about zig-zags or stripes is that they cover up the problem areas and create an illusion of a more lean look. You can always try mixing and match striped looks in different colours. For instance, pairing a solid tanbabe bottom with a striped swimwear upper to enhance the whole look. 

Trying Small Patterns And Splashy Prints

Big, simple, and delicate prints always make you look busty. So if you are in plus size, you can always go ahead and wear splashy prints or small patterns like polka dots for a more fun vibe. But, yes, they will make you appear thinner effortlessly. Fashion experts working in every Vancouver swimwear company would never recommend matching and mixing these two together. So choose your pattern accordingly. 

Bold Look With Necklines 

If you wish to show a little skin at the beach, you can always try on a tanbabe top with a wide neckline and pair it up with a cute bikini bottom. Believe it or not, every bit of this plunge looks sexier than you can imagine. And guess what else comes with this? This outlook always comes with the added advantage of making you feel completely comfortable. If you still wonder how? Let us share that most of the tanbabe tops are true to size. Plus, Canadian swimwear brands like Vitae Apparel have made them with a 4-way stretch fabric that is super breathable. 

So don’t forget to try out their classic yet flirty swimwear with adjustable straps, triangular detailing, and cheeky coverage. Their stunning collection will surely make you stand out and look confident. 

Wear Up Some Accessories 

Before you search for any swimwear accessory, let us give you a fashion expert tip. Always pick swimwear that holds a soft texture. Next, style your look by putting your hair into an easy bun. Ahaan! Don’t skip leaving out a few tendrils to create a charming look and match perfectly with the beach season vibes.

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Also, those huge hats are known for being an eye-catching accessory at the beach. P.s. It will save your skin from those harsh sun rays as well. So this is how you can protect your skin and look amazing with fashion accessories. 

So how do you prefer to flaunt your swimwear style at the beach? Do you prefer vibrant solids or love the dramatic effect of patterned/striped swimwear? Which online swimwear brand do you prefer to shop from every summer season? Let us know your suggestions in the comments section below. We hope our tips just help you look gorgeous the next time you wear your swimwear!

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