Bling It On! Five Tips to Up Your Jewelry Game

October 21, 2021
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If you’re really into fashion, you’ll know that putting together an outfit is rarely as easy as it may seem. There are many things you need to consider. If you overlook even a single one, your look can seem lackluster and incomplete. You need to pay attention to your body type, the weather, and the current fashion trends. One of the most significant areas to focus on when putting together a chic outfit is your accessories. Without the right accessories, even the most glamorous outfits can seem dull.

However, picking the right accessories isn’t as simple as picking out the first few pieces you see and tossing them on. Nor can you keep wearing the same pieces of jewelry you’ve always been wearing on everyday outfits. If all this has left you feeling a little confused, you don’t need to fret. Below, we’ll talk more about the best ways you can up your jewelry game and make every outfit shine. So, keep reading.

Never skip the rings 

When we think of jewelry, most of us focus on necklaces, earrings, or bracelets. However, you’ll be surprised to learn that a carefully chosen set of rings can easily make or break any outfit. Rings are the perfect way to finish off any out. They can draw attention to your hands, make your fingers look longer and daintier, and add an extra element of elegance to any outfit. There’s no shortage of styles when it comes to rings, and depending on your preferences, you can opt for something bold or dainty. 

However, one of the most timeless options to opt for are dreamy, sterling silver rings. If you want to add immediate elegance and sophistication to your outfit, you can’t do without these pieces. You can opt for simple bands if you prefer a more minimalistic look, or you can opt for more intricate designs. Sterling silver Dreamland Jewelry is also an excellent option. It is incredibly durable and can last you an extremely long time. If you want to make an eye-catching statement, you can opt for studded rings. Be it a deep, mesmerizing onyx or a vivid turquoise stone. You can easily find silver rings in all styles. Once you slip one onto your fingers, your outfit can seem much better balanced and well-styled. 

Pick a highlight 

As with any outfit, you need to pick a centerpiece around which you can choose the rest of your accessories. If you don’t have a centerpiece, your look can seem like it lacks something essential. A focal point can help draw the viewer’s eye to you. It can help you cover your flaws and emphasize what you feel matters most. 

The statement accessory you pick will also depend on what outfit you’re wearing. Depending on your taste, you can select a watch, a statement necklace, a bold bracelet, or earrings that stand out. You can thus create harmony and ensure your outfit always looks balanced and chic. Once you’ve picked a highlight, you need to ensure that every other accessory works towards highlighting the statement piece. You don’t want to pick something else that’s so bright that it takes attention away from the centerpiece. 

Consider your dress 

Before picking what jewelry pieces to wear, you need to consider your outfit. Without doing so, your getup can seem unbalanced or too flashy. Additionally, it would be best to consider what makeup and hairstyle you’re planning to use. Focusing on all of these factors will allow you to pick the best jewelry without any issues. 

For example, if you’re wearing something that requires you to keep your hair up, you can opt for statement earrings. The same rule applies if you’re wearing something strapless. Without statement earrings, your neckline can seem too empty. With such dresses, you can opt for either statement earrings or neckpieces. If you’re wearing full sleeves, you might not be able to add bracelets. However, sticking to classic pieces such as watches is always a safe bet, regardless of your sleeve length. Additionally, when picking jewelry, you can have it contrast with the color of your outfit if you want to be more experimental or go for similar tones. 

Mix and match 

Traditionally when pairing different jewelry pieces together, we usually pick the same metals and colors. While this trick can work too, it won’t necessarily help you create an eye-catching look. If you want to make a statement, opt to mix and match metals and shades. Mixing silver with gold, copper, rose gold, and white gold can all up to your jewelry game, unlike anything else. 

These small changes can make your look seem instantly dressier and creatively put together. It can make your appearance seem much more modern and sleek. Furthermore, this isn’t a look reserved for when you’re trying on something more modern. Instead, when paired with traditional silhouettes, this can make for an incredibly eye-catching, memorable look that you’ll keep coming back to. 

Don’t just stick to the trends 

Fashion trends play a huge part in influencing how we dress. However, if you think about solely what’s in and what isn’t, you’ll lose sight of what flatters you the most. It’s possible that what’s trendy these days won’t be the next, and then you’ll be stuck with a bunch of pieces you don’t know what to do with. 

Fashion is all about making yourself feel confident and comfortable. You can only do that if you dress according to your preferences. So, if you don’t feel comfortable wearing chunky or bright pieces, there’s no reason you have to. Pick the jewelry pieces that appeal to you most, be it something dainty, vintage, or modern. This way, you can put together an outfit that allows you to show off your personality in the best way. 


Jewelry may not seem like something which can make or break your outfit. However, if you misjudge its importance, your dress and overall look can seem bland and unattractive. If you follow these tips, you can bling up any outfit, whether it’s casual or formal. These tips can allow you to put together something classy, chic, and sophisticated each time. 

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