Some Interesting Ways Of Exploring LA Differently

October 27, 2021


Gianluca Conte

That is the beauty of this city. Besides being in the limelight for the glamour factor, world-class tacos, the beautiful sunshine experience, L.A. has a lot to offer you. It is a fun city to explore and experience different cultures in one go. All you need is to plan a trip to this happening city and rest on the essence of this place.

No wonder it is easy to get caught up in this city’s lustrous whirlwind of several things. Living here is more like being a part of a beautiful picture, and unraveling the fun side of life every day. However, this fun city was all quiet throughout the global pandemic but the good news is that everything is back on track. Now from restaurants to the amazing whale watching shows, you can enjoy it all. 

1. A day out on a mystery picnic: The way we all are stuck with our lives, home chores, beating the heat of the corporate world; we all deserve and require a break from everything. That is where you can consider exploring the beauty of a mystery picnic at its best. The place is mesmerizingly beautiful with new heights, fun clue-solving, and much more. Moreover, as a backdrop, you can get to explore Venice Beach, Big Bear, Malibu’s Coast, the Spanish Colonial Architecture of Santa Barbara, and much more. This experience is interactive while giving you the best knowledgeable exposure. 

2. Enjoy the drive-in theaters: This is a city known for its impeccable and unique movie-watching experience. It may interest you to know that L.A. offers you the opportunity of enjoying drive-in movie times. It is not just a classic way of experiencing American culture, but a great family-friendly activity. Such theatres are highly promoted and recommended especially after the pandemic exposure as it requires no social contact to enter the theater area. 

3. Watch the whales for real: Do you have those notorious and curious minds in your family who wish to see everything possible? If that’s the case then you must take them to a whale-watching experience. It may interest you to know that whale watching la is a popular activity. Moreover, it lets you take a fun ride on a giant cruise. This activity has been grabbing the attention of most travelers for the past 18 years and it continues to make a statement in the city. You can watch whales, dolphins, and other members of marine life showcasing a beautiful appearance for your joy. So, when are you planning for it? 

The final takeaway  

A city like L.A. is the best way to experience the true fun of life ever possible. From being a great host to let you taste the best delectable food ever, there is a lot to explore and dive into. If you have never been to this city before, do not forget to keep the above-mentioned suggestion on your bucket list for this city. 

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