Baby Hair Care Guide Crafted For You

October 28, 2021

“All those cliches, those things you hear about having a baby and motherhood — all of them are true. And all of them are the most beautiful things you will ever experience.”

  • Penelope Cruz 
  • One of the best parts about expecting a baby is the joy of imagining how your baby would look like. From the color of the eyes to the hair texture, everyone wishes to see their baby as beautiful as their dream. 

    Now when it comes to a newborn’s hair, every baby’s hair texture is different. This strongly differs due to the scalp and hormonal balances within their bodies. As a result, you may see some babies born with thick hair whereas others may be bald as a bowling ball. 

    If you see your baby completely bald, there is nothing to worry about as it is absolutely normal in some cases. Sometimes the baby’s hair growth begins after a certain time period. If you wish to stimulate it, you will have to follow some secured and effective ideas.

    Do not know anything about the same? Well, why worry when we are here to unfold all those secrets for you. 

    #1 Coconut oil: Above all, you can believe in the potential of coconut oil as it is highly enriched with some quality vitamin E. Moreover, this oil contains a good amount of antioxidant properties that leaves a good impact on the scalp stimulating the hair growth. The biggest role of coconut oil is to improve the blood circulation that reduces the chances of hair loss. As a result, most parents keep it in their baby’s skin care regime. 

    #2 Brush it: New parents often find it difficult to brush their baby’s scalp. But gentle combing or massaging will not harm your baby anyhow. Instead it will stimulate hair growth. Brushing is the best practice to encourage blood circulation and relax the baby instantly. Therefore, if you see your baby in a cranky mood for a long time, try giving a massage or combing the baby’s head gently for a while. 

    #3 Choose baby shampoo wisely: There are times when a wrong baby shampoo or other hair care products result in drastic consequences for the baby’s hair growth. Your baby’s skin and scalp is ultra gentle. Therefore, you need to be very conscious about choosing a baby hair shampoo. A tear free baby shampoo can be the choice to nourish a baby’s head and hair follicles. Pick a shampoo with 100% plant derived aromas and ingredients to ensure it is safe for the baby. Also, inspect if the shampoo has any artificial fragrances or synthetic ingredients or not. It can prove harmful for the baby’s sensitive scalp. With this, ensure that you know the right amount of shampoo usage each time you bathe your baby. 

    The final takeaway 

    No matter if your baby is born with or without hair, you can always expect to see your baby progressing with good hair growth. Majorly, hair growth is common to begin within 6 to 12 months of birth. If you do not see any improvement during this course, ensure to consult a practitioner. 

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