Four Basic Travel Videography Tips For First-Time Travelers

November 3, 2021

Not everyone has the luxury of travel. That’s why when you get the opportunity to go out of town, you want to make sure that it is enjoyable and memorable. Taking photos at your destination is a must-do. But one great way to document your travel experience is by taking videos. Travel videography is more than just taking your video camera and recording everything you see. If this is your first time traveling, here are a few basic tips to help you get started on your first-ever travel videography project, from shooting with your cam or phone to editing with an easy video maker.

Get inspiration from travel vlogs

There is no fixed method for creating travel videos. But it would help to watch trending travel vlogs online to help you get a glimpse of how it can be done and, eventually, help you come up with your own plan or style. Get inspiration and add your own unique flavor to it.

Prepare your gear

Nothing’s more upsetting than forgetting to bring everything you need to record your first journey to a new place. When packing, make sure to plan which device you plan to use on your trip. Will you need a portable tripod? Will you need a special microphone if you are capturing outdoor footage?

Once you have decided on your equipment, pack them all together in a hard-shell case to make sure they are kept safe and that everything can be accessed in one go. It is highly recommended to adjust settings and carrying out a test before your actual travel date. You might have a few good opportunities if you wait to adjust when you get to your destination.

Bring extra storage and batteries

You may be out and about as you explore a new place and culture. You may never know if there is a charging station anywhere nearby so it is best to bring extra batteries and a reliable power bank. You may also want to bring several memory cards to have space for all your images and video clips.

Edit but do not overdo it

When you are back at your hotel or have traveled back home, go through your captured images and videos and edit them as needed. Cut out unwanted or unnecessary scenes, add voice overs or captions, and add appropriate background music. With a few tweaks, you can easily turn a bunch of footage into a professionally made travel video. Avoid enhancing the colors too much and try to stay away from layers of filters. Most importantly, add background music that works with the vibe of your video. You may also add voice overs and captions as you please.

Enjoy your trip

You have to enjoy your trip and take in the sights with your own eyes before taking a video. The videography part should only be secondary. Nothing beats experiencing the destination with all your senses. Not only will you make the most of your travels that way, but you’ll also get to understand which experiences are worth recording in your video camera.

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