November 16, 2021

2021 is coming to an end and party season is about to begin. Everyone looks forward to Halloween and New Year’s Eve as the two days when the most lit parties go down. With Halloween out of the way, it’s New Year’s Eve. 

The Times Square celebrations will hopefully be back this year for you to fully embrace the New Year. Moreover, millions of people around the world host private parties, inviting their close friends and relatives. 

One of the many reasons people opt for private parties is that they’re more intimate, safer, and have their own charm. 

This article will give you some tips to plan a fantastic New Year’s Eve party and get the best reaction from your guests. After spending a long time in the gloom, it’s time to start planning for welcoming 2022 with a bang.

Without further ado, here are five ways to make a memorable NYE party. 

An outdoor event

One of the best ways to welcome the New Year is under the night sky. As the New Year comes around, it would be great if you were out and saw the fireworks going off in your neighborhood. Not only does it bring you into the New Year spirit, but the sparkle of the lights has a calming effect on the observers. 

As charming as this sounds, you do need to get a few things ready. You will need to arrange lights, speakers, and outdoor toilets. 

Far too many people forget to organize toilets for events and make things awkward for the guests who need to relieve themselves. 

And, if you aren’t comfortable allowing others to use your washroom, arranging a substitute outdoors is an excellent idea. 

People talk if things aren’t planned properly, which could reflect poorly on you later. To avoid any inconvenience to your guests, be vigilant and ensure everyone is within their limits.   

What’s more, people usually drink more on New Year’s Eve, which could cause problems between guests. If you are watchful and maintain discipline throughout the party, it’ll be memorable for the right reasons. 

RGB lights in a dark room

Let’s get something straight; the vibe of a dark party with subtle RGB lights is unmatched. There is something beautiful about people dancing together in the dark with the warm glow of red, green, and blue lights. Consider adding them to your party to create a glow amongst the darkness. 

Another great idea is placing lights that flicker with the beat of the music. There’s no better way than having the sound and lighting set the party’s pace. 

When the sound and lighting go together, you have a match made in heaven, and people will talk about it for a long time. 

However, it would be best to have a well-lit area nearby. Some people find the darkness overwhelming and need a break from it. If you don’t provide them with a safe space, they may face severe panic issues, and you might have a psycho-physiological problem on your hands. 

Game night

Another great way to welcome the New Year is with your closest friends playing games together. Party favorite board games are a great way to break the ice with new people and foster a sense of healthy competition with existing mates. 

Moreover, consider placing a console and getting a large screen TV or projector to make things more fun. Most people already have consoles, and bringing a few extra controllers shouldn’t be all that hard. 

Video games are more competitive than traditional games and arguably more fun as well. Moreover, since only four people can play at a time, it gives the guests a chance to socialize between turns. The guests need to talk to each other and improve the overall party mood. 

Once everyone breaks the ice, the party becomes a lot more comfortable and memorable. The quicker you do it, the better it is. 

Drop the ball

Remember Times Square? What if you could do that at home? While throwing a random ball off the roof is a bit anti-climatic, get creative and ponder over ideas that might excite the guests. 

You could get something similar to a pinnate and drop that from a high place as the clock strikes twelve. You could either have goodies inside or go for an explosion of color the way they do at the gender reveal parties. 

You obviously can’t install a system of hydraulics and drop a huge shiny ball. However, a DIY solution gathers everyone’s attention and creates something to look forward to at the end of the night. 

If you are using powdered paint, ensure that you do this outside. Remember, breathing in the paint can cause severe breathing issues that may require hospitalization. 

Stream the time square celebrations

A great way to create a memorable party is to stream the celebrations live while everyone is in attendance. Grabbing a projector to throw a house party is an old but still fantastic idea. 

You can sit at home and enjoy it in private, but there’s something special about being together when the New Year comes in. 

With vaccination drives taking place around the world, there is a chance that we might see the NYC celebrations again this year. However, it would be wise only to allow entry to your party if everyone is vaccinated. 

Letting people in who may potentially be a risk to others is a major no-no, and it’s your responsibility to ensure that your guests are safe and secure. 


Remember to stay safe this New Year’s Eve. It is a great idea to have a party at home but don’t invite more guests if you can’t handle them.

As we are still living through a pandemic, it would be best to maintain safety throughout the event. 

We have addressed some of the best ways to throw a memorable New Year’s party. We hope that you consider some of these to welcome the New Year with a bang. We wish you all the best and hope 2022 is the best year of our lives.

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