Steps To Help You Find the Right Wardrobe

November 19, 2021


Nobody wants to walk into a messy bedroom after a long day at work. After all, you can’t sleep well and get enough rest if the room is d. This is why the wardrobe is the second most crucial piece of furniture in a bedroom, after the bed itself.

When you invest in a closet, you can use it for organising your clothes and footwear so that they are easily accessible. It also makes your room appear neat and presentable.

If you’re looking to purchase a new wardrobe or upgrade your existing unit, read on to discover the steps to help you find the right wardrobe.

What Type of Wardrobe Suits Your Needs?

The first thing involves choosing the type of wardrobe that will meet your storage needs. If you live in a rented house, it’s wise to invest in a freestanding model that you can carry with you when you move into another property. If you live in a permanent residence, you have the freedom to choose between freestanding or built-in options.

The design of freestanding closets means that they’re not easily customisable. Additionally, most of them have hinged doors.

On the other hand, built-in wardrobes offer a lot of flexibility regarding customisation. You can install the type of door you want, choose the materials and finish, select your preferred colours, etc.

What about Dimensions?

After selecting your preferred type of wardrobe, the next thing is checking its dimensions. This is vital to ensuring that you don’t purchase an item that won’t fit in your bedroom. For instance, a closet that is too big will make your room feel cramped. Similarly, a piece that is too small will look out of place.

Your storage needs also affect the size of the wardrobe you buy. If you live with a partner, you’ll need a bigger closet than a person who lives alone. That said, you should avoid models with shelves deeper than 15 inches since this hinders the accessibility of clothes. Deeper closets also tend to be dark, which makes searching for outfits cumbersome.

Which is the Best Style to Pick?

Due to its size, your wardrobe has a significant impact on the overall outlook of your bedroom. This is why style is a crucial consideration factor when shopping for a closet.

The best way to avoid colour clashing is by choosing a wardrobe that matches your existing bedroom furniture’s finishes, texturing, and colours. For instance, installing decorative doors in a closet works well for bedrooms with ornate interiors. Even better, you can opt for a doorless wardrobe.

Another trick of maintaining visual harmony is ensuring that your wardrobe has the same finish as your bed. You may not get a replica, but try to pick hues that blend with the existing décor.

What Are the Storage Options?

A wardrobe is as good as the storage options it offers. If your collection of clothes consists mainly of long coats, dresses, and formal outfits, ensure that your choice has adequate hanging space. For those who own several jewellery pieces, ties, belts, and scarves, it is best to choose an option with multiple drawers.

Moreover, ensure that the wardrobe you buy has a shoe rack for keeping your footwear. In most cases, this compartment is usually at the base.

Wrapping Up

Because of its significance, you should never rush when shopping for a wardrobe. Scour the market for different options and consult experts and friends if necessary. When chosen wisely, a closet will solve your storage needs and create a more liveable environment in your bedroom. Even better, it’s an investment that will serve you for many years before needing repairs or replacement.



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