Industrial Kitchens: The Industrial Revolution to the kitchen

November 23, 2021
Industrial Kitchens

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To suit their tastes, people may discover various design products and aspects for their houses in various themes, ranging from minimalism to mid-century modern. The kitchen is one of the critical areas of the house that is experiencing a design revolution. Traditionally, kitchens were purely functional spaces with little opportunity for creative expression. Although the kitchen décor industry has changed in recent years, more and more individuals choose a more stylish kitchen interior, including everything from cabinets to equipment.

Manufacturers like Robot Coupe respond to this increasing design trend by offering a diverse selection of industrial kitchen supplies for residential and commercial applications. The industrial theme is one of the most popular design themes right now, and it’s gaining popularity all around the globe. Industrial kitchens have a “homey” and a “business” feel to them simultaneously.

There are industrial kitchens wherever you look on social media these days, with various interior design sites pushing this new trend in kitchen design. The industrial kitchen has several attractive and practical advantages that have made it famous across the world. This design motif is catered to by various manufacturers, ranging from sparse-looking islands and hobs to sleek freezers and pantries.


The appearance of a factory or industrial facility is brought into the house with this theme. But why would anybody choose such a motif in the first place? The appeal of this style might be attributed to the juxtaposition of the naked and plain with the modern and trendy. Kitchen islands with chimneys are a common sight in many houses, and they have an industrial feel to them. Designers have injected colour into this outfit, elevating the feel without detracting from the overall industrial tone. The sleek steel, sharp edges, valuable equipment, and functional accessories that characterise the contemporary industrial kitchen are all there. However, the use of colour, style, and positioning adds a personal touch to the overall effect.


A variety of items may be used to incorporate the industrial motif into the kitchen. However, while designing a kitchen, individuals must make sure that they do not lose sight.


Designers attempting the industrial concept bring in a range of colour palettes to complement the industrial design and the general interior décor of the property. Designing with a metal alternative would be to use rustic colours such as rust orange, mustard yellow, seaweed green, and similar hues. Another alternative would be to use pastels and muted tones to get a full-blown industrial feel.


The merging of the personal and the business in the industrial kitchen is one of the most exciting aspects of the space. Using industrial kitchen themes allows individuals to add industrial equipment from manufacturers such as Robot Coupe, who offer blenders, planetary mixers, food processors, and similar appliances. This equipment is often used in restaurants or large-scale industrial facilities, although individuals may also use it at home. These instruments infuse a sense of industrialism into the kitchen while still being valuable and time-saving.

Cabinets and drawers are two types of storage.

When it comes to kitchen storage, there are various modern and “next-generation” solutions available, but the industrial motif favours more classic designs. Cabinets that are square or rectangular and have prominent hand-holds complement this design trend. Steel doors are also popular among designers who want to stay true to the motif. The positioning of cabinets is yet another consideration. In contrast to the modular kitchen, which uses as much storage space as possible, the industrial kitchen strives to emit a “naked” appearance. Hidden storage alternatives may be used in conjunction with this motif by both designers and homeowners.

The tiling is another essential component to take into consideration.

Traditional rectangular or square tiles are required in industrial kitchens because of their durability. On the other hand, designers expand their imaginations to incorporate more modern ideas while maintaining the industrial style. The wide variety of tiles available further aids this endeavour.

The number of people who are following the industrial kitchen design revolution is expanding. This design style seems to be gaining popularity among consumers due to its simple graphics and cost-effective solutions. Homeowners that choose this theme will benefit from having a large kitchen area, which will bring out the theme’s distinct characteristics to the fullest.

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