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November 25, 2021

The eyes are one of the most sensitive organs in the human body. They are made up of millions of nerve tissues. Hence eyes need constant protection from anything in the atmosphere that might harm them. Proper eye care is one of the best things one can do for self-care as we rely on them to see and make sense of the world around us. As your eyes are integral to your daily life, it makes sense to protect them adequately. Regular eye examinations aim not only to diagnose eye diseases and defects but also to detect signs of injury and defects in your vision. Health problems such as high blood pressure, tumors, diabetes, and others can also be detected early with regular eye examinations. The eye doctors at Drdorioeyecare will monitor and treat your visual issues utilizing specialized eye solutions depending on your unique requirements.

The popular belief that eye care can only be done through the application of medical techniques and other products is wrong. There is a lot more you can do for proper care of your eyes that don’t require anything special. 

Four Ways To Care

There are many ways by which you can look after your eyes. These include at-home remedies as well as stuff you can easily buy from your local market. Although, they may sound basic, these go a long way in making sure your eyes remain as good as ever. Here are some ways you can easily take care of them:

1: Balanced Diet

A balanced diet is probably the most important thing for your health. Similar to its effect on the rest of your body, a balanced diet will do wonders for your eyes. It will contain just the right amount of nutrients and vitamins that are needed for your eyes to function properly. Vitamins, Omega-3, and other useful nutrients are present in fruits and meats such as fish. These as a part of a balanced diet help in providing your eyes everything they need to stay sharp and healthy.

2: Regular Exercise

Exercise is the key to fitness. And fitness just like the rest of your body affects the eyes as well. Exercise helps reduce the likelihood of diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure. These diseases can cause problems in vision and can also cause damage to nerve cells in the eye. Proper exercise and cardio can help prevent such diseases.

3: Rest Your Eyes

Even your eyes can get tired from a constant focus on something. It is suggested through research that we should change our focus from something every 20 minutes to 20 seconds. This can help reduce the damage done by eye strain. In today’s times with COVID-19, everyone is working online. This leads to eye strain due to constant focus on a computer or mobile screens. Blinking also helps your eyes cleanse and prevents them from drying out. 

4: Eye Protection

The eyes are a very vulnerable part of our body. Even the slightest damage has chances of permanent long-term problems. Thus it is crucial to protect them in the best way possible. Sunglasses are one way to protect them. 

Our eyelashes also work as a natural barrier to keep dust and other harmful debris out of our eyes. For people who have light or thin eyelashes, it is recommended to use fake lashes as an alternative. For people with extremely thin to no eyelashes at all, we recommend Starseed makeup’s collection of 5D Mink eyelashes wholesale. These give the highest amount of thickness allowing you to look good and at the same time protect your eyes. 

Nightly Eye Care Routine

Along with the tips given above a nightly routine also goes a long way. It helps enhance your eyes and makes them not only work better but feel better as well. Eyes are one of the first things humans notice in each other. So having properly cared for eyes can give off a good impression and make you feel more confident as well. Some of the most tried and tested include the following

  • The Golden Rule

We usually only care about what we use and how good it is. We often forget that what is more important is how we use it. The composition of what you’re using is important but the way you use it is more important. For this reason, all experts recommend following the golden rule. Be Gentle. That means when using something on yourself make sure you pat and do not rub. According to Dr. Henna Bashir, the skin around the eyes is the thinnest and thus we should be even more careful with it.

  • Under Eye Serum

Experts recommend using an under-eye serum every night before sleep.  It helps address any puffiness and brightens the under-eye. Serums penetrate deeper than creams and other ointments and are worth investing in if you want faster and better results. Serums containing vitamin C, vitamin E, glycerine, coconut oil. etc are usually preferred and recommended.

  • Moisturizer

The area under your eyes is prone to dryness. Therefore it is necessary to make sure such areas are kept hydrated to avoid wrinkling. Usually, a moisturizer without SPF can be the final step in your nightly eye care routine. A face oil may also be used as a substitute for moisturizers.

  • Cleanse

A thorough cleanse can make a world of difference. It is helpful not just to remove any cosmetics applied but also any dirt that accumulated throughout the day. Use cotton swabs and makeup remover as per your requirement. Remember not to rub roughly but to be gentle. In case no makeup is applied only a face wash should do the trick and cleanse your face and any area surrounding your eyes. Make sure not to get any substance inside your eye at any cost.


Taking care of any part or organ of your body is essential to good health. Eyes are very sensitive organs and thus should be dealt with even more carefully. Proper eye care can have a major impact on the way your eyes function. 

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