14 Tips To Make Enticing Cereal Boxes for Your Brand

December 9, 2021

A cereal box cover can be a powerful branding technique, whether you are selling your cereal brand or only want to display the logo of an existing brand. Whether you are printing them yourself or letting others do that for you, here are some ideas for ensuring that the front of the box catches everyone’s attention.

The box is just as important as the product itself when it comes to cereal. A well-designed cereal box can help your brand stand out on store shelves and entice customers to buy your product. Here are seven tips to make enticing cereal boxes for your brand:

Showcase Your Product

Your product should always be one of your cereal box design stars. It is not merely a bookend to the rest of the images on there; it is essential to make it stand out against all other contents. Many people fail to realize how important it is, especially when deciding between matte and glossy coating for your custom printed boxes. If people cannot see your product, they cannot buy it.

Think About Contrast

Just like the products on the box should always be highlighted, you also want to make sure that your text and other images stand out. You may even consider using a few different colors (though it is recommended not to use more than 3 bold colors for this purpose) to create contrast between everything on the outside of your cereal box packaging boxes. This will help draw attention toward what you want people to see.

Feature Other Elements of Your Product

If you are selling a cereal line, then think about how it all ties together with one another – especially if there are multiple flavors or types available. Moreover, If you have a “Cinnamon Explosion” version and a “Chocolate Explosion” version, you may want to place those two together on the cereal box design as long as they play well off each other. If your products are entirely different, consider having some common thread that ties them together.

Take Advantage of Pictures and Illustrations

Paintings and photographs can create a huge impact on your cereal boxes – especially if they happen to be eye-catching. You do not have to limit yourself to drawings or sketches; you can also use photos or images from nature or real life to symbolize what you are trying to sell. Just make sure that all pictures are high quality and look great when printed.

Use a Clever Tagline

A clever tagline can be the difference between someone picking up your cereal box or passing it by. It should be short, catchy, and memorable – something that people can easily remember even if they do not see it again for a while. You may want to develop several different taglines and test them out on various audiences to see which one works best.

Utilize Typography

The typeface is essential for any design, but it is crucial for cereal boxes. Not only will you want something that looks good, but you will also want something legible from a reasonable distance. You may also want to consider using a typeface that ties in with the overall theme of your box design, whether it is going for a vintage look or something similar.

Remember Who Your Audience Is

What works best for children will not necessarily work best for adults, and vice versa. Make sure to target your audience when designing the front of your cereal boxes because you want to make sure that they can see why it would be worth their while to buy from you rather than from someone else.

Use Bright Colors And Playful Designs.

Most people eat cereal for breakfast, so using bright colors and playful designs can help create a fun and cheerful atmosphere that people will want to wake up to each morning.

Use Interesting Typography.

The typeface is also an essential aspect of the cereal box design. Choose a typeface that’s eye-catching and easy to read.

Utilize Die Cuts And Embossing.

Die-cutting and embossing can add a more dimensional element to your design and serve as an effective tool for communicating the cereal’s content.

Feature Relevant Information On The Back Of The Box.

While most people are drawn to cereal boxes because of their colorful surface area, having helpful information on the backs of boxes is another way to help your brand stand out in store aisles. Highlight product features, nutritional info, etc., on this space so that consumers have all the details they need before purchasing your product.

Make It Easy To Read.

Don’t overcrowd or under-decorate your good packaging let essential elements stand out, so everyone knows what they’re looking at.

Think Outside The Box.

Cereal boxes don’t have to be square! Use unique shapes and engaging visuals to help your brand stand out from the competition.

Keep It Simple.

It’s important to remember that simplicity is vital. Resist the temptation to overload your design with too many elements, and let the most important information speak for itself.

By following these tips, you can create cereal boxes that are both beautiful and informative, helping to promote your brand and entice customers to buy your product. A cereal box printing company can help you bring these designs to life.

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