How to Design an Ideal Pool Area

December 10, 2021

A backyard swimming pool is always a desirable addition to any home. Though the idea is pretty straightforward, you need to clear some design ideas before starting the construction. Here are a few easy tips that will help you do the same.

  1. Finalize the Dimension:

This is not an independent decision, as you need to consider other important factors like how much landscaping you wish to do around. Do you need to incorporate a seating area? There should be a generous amount of space around to walk. You should be able to incorporate a sun lounger around the pool as well.

  1. Think Safety:

This should be your top priority, especially if you have kids at home. Fencing is a must with kids and pets in the house. The surrounding pavement used around the pool should not be slippery to avoid any accidents.

  1. Think Durability:

The patio area surrounding the pool should be made of durable material to cope with the area’s foot traffic. The material you select should be such that it does not get tarnished. The stone should absorb a minimum amount of water to improve its non-slip characteristics.

  1. Consider the Heat Factor:

The patio should not use just anti slip properties but should also heat up less during the summer. After a cool dip in the pool, the feeling of burning feet can be the worst experience, so go for a material that does not heat up quickly.

  1. Introduce Some Shade:

If you like to sit outside in the pool area, you will enjoy it all season by installing a shed that can protect you from sun and rain.

  1. Create Some Privacy:

Obviously, you would not want your neighbors to overlook your pool, which is why creating a screen to make the area private is essential. You can be creative and add some tall plants as landscaping as well as a screen option. There are a large number of screening options available to choose from. Opt one that goes best with your landscape.

  1. Add Pool Heating:

The pool is the best place to unwind during summers, but when it gets a little chilly, you will have to shut down the pool if it is not heated. Make use of the best electric pool heaters found here, which will make your pool temperature so comfortable that a dip every day will become a must on your daily agenda.

  1. Add Seating Area:

You can use this pool area to organize get-togethers if you can create seating areas. Comfortable outdoor furniture can be a great addition to the space. This will make this area multifunctional.

  1. Do Not Forget the Outdoor Shower:

Obviously, you have to place an outdoor shower to wash the chlorine off yourself after using the pool. Do not forget to install this near the pool for easy accessibility and functionality.

  1. Add Lights:

Lighting can make a big difference, especially after sunset. Underwater pool lights are a great addition which makes the pool usually even after sunset. This is really cool and makes the pool more functional.

The Bottom Line:

This is your private pool, which gives you the freedom to get as creative as possible. Check out Pinterest to get some inspiration before you get hands-on with this project.



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