The Five Best European Cities For Watching The Snow Fall

January 18, 2022

When we think of winter vacations, the image of ourselves sitting in a comfortable armchair in front of a big window while holding a mug of hot chocolate and watching infinite snowflakes falling from the sky comes to mind. 

Would you like to turn this image into a reality? If yes, keep reading this article in order to find out the five European cities that are blessed with snowfalls every year:

Innsbruck, Austria

Although Vienna, the capital of Austria, is a beautiful city, Innsbruck is the place to visit in Austria in winter. Innsbruck is a big city in western Austria. It is between high mountains and this is why it always snows there in winter. Innsbruck is famous for its winter sports history. Not only are winter sport competitions held there but also a lot of winter sport lovers or winter travelers confidently choose Innsbruck as their destination. It goes without saying that there are a lot of ski resorts worth visiting in Innsbruck and all around Austria. You can learn all about them in Erna Low and you can even book your winter vacations. 

Rovaniemi, Finland

Rovaniemi is in northern Finland. It is considered to be Santa Claus’s hometown. The Christmas celebrations are extravagant there and this is why numerous people choose Rovaniemi as their Christmas destination. Additionally, since it is so close to the coldest part of Earth, the North Pole, it snows very much there. In Rovaniemi there are many winter sports facilities and a lot of winter sports competitions are conducted there. 

Tromsø, Norway

Tromso is in northern Norway and the fact that it is so close to the Arctic Circle makes its climate extremely cold. It snows very much and for a very long time there. However, Tromso is a place that everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime. Watching the Northern Lights and the midnight sun are just a few of the amazing things you can do there. 

Prague, Czech Republic

One of the most popular winter destinations is Prague, the capital of Czech Republic. A true European city with its imposing baroque buildings, the rich history and beautiful natural elements make it a city worth learning and seeing more about. If you visit Prague in winter, make sure to pack warm clothes, beanies and an umbrella since it usually snows a lot during those months. 

Tallinn, Estonia

One more European capital where it snows a lot is Tallinn. The snow and cold can be extreme in this city as well, so pack wisely because it would be a shame not to visit such a beautiful place as Tallinn. The medieval architecture that dominates the city with spectacular towers and castles make you feel like you have entered the setting of a Gothic novel. 

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