What Is Included In Business Class Flights

January 19, 2022

Business class usually triggers an image of a rich businessman dressed in a fancy suit and being welcomed by the staff with a tall glass of bubbly champagne. Comparing this imagery with the economy class makes business class seem like the royal treatment. 

Taking a look at statistics, only 12% of airline passengers use business class, which seems like a small percentage. However, business tickets are twice as profitable, and most of the time, they represent 75% of an airline’s revenue. 

The real question is: why is business class a unique feature of many airlines? What are the things that separate it from economy class? In order to answer these questions, here are a few features of business class that will show why a ticket is worth the price. 

Chauffeur Service 

The joke about how parents insist on getting to the airport a day early is based on the reality that getting to the airport and waiting in line is time-consuming. However, for most airlines, a business class ticket can ease the situation by offering a chauffeur service that will pick you up from your front door and put you at the airport terminal without any additional cost. So instead of rushing to the airport ten hours early, you can just relax. 

Better Food Service

If you are used to flying in economy class, you probably are already used to the menu since it is pretty limited, no matter the airline. The situation changes in business class, where the menu is more diverse and higher in quality.  According to https://businesstravel365.com/zurich/ this applies to inflight and airport food because you can enjoy top-notch recipes at one of the airport restaurants. A business class ticket also comes with a broader range of alcoholic beverages that you can enjoy during the trip.

More Space

Traveling is usually a tedious experience. Besides the stress of packing, getting to the airport on time, and managing your luggage, the flight itself can be uncomfortable because the seats are cramped. The main advantage of a business class flight is that the passengers have more legroom and the possibility of reclining their seats without disturbing the people behind them. If it is a long flight, some business class flights also come with reserved beds where you can rest peacefully. Another feature is that you can carry more luggage without the extra charge. 

Work and Entertainment

Because of the limited space in economy class, it is almost impossible to get anything done or even to relax and watch a movie. On the other hand, business class tickets come with the necessary space to work or play, and it has an in-seat power supply and guaranteed wifi. Entertainment is also upgraded, not only by having bigger screens but also by providing access to exclusive channels. As a bonus, some airlines have recently started developing their own in-flight programs that include magazines and e-books related to the destination. 

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