How To Avoid Taking A Gap Year By Taking Your Education On The Road

January 23, 2022

Are you considering taking a gap year and contemplating whether you should continue with your formal on-campus graduate or postgrad program or tour the world while on sabbatical?

You want to allow yourself time to think about your plans while exploring new places, meeting natives, learning about local culture and tasting cuisines, and imagining how it would be to have both, continue your studies, and travel.

What if I told you that you do not have to put your formal education on hold to continue your quest for self-discovery.

Traditional campus-based educational programs have been around for centuries now. However, with the dawn of the Information Age and the ever-changing demands of the job market, professionals need to upgrade their skills.

Favorably you have an advantage of an established e-learning model that allows you to pursue any program, for example, online education degrees or a diploma from anywhere in the world with just a stable broadband connection and a smartphone, desktop, or laptop?

Let us explore the benefits of online learning that will help you make up your mind and prepare a roadmap for your career.

Easily accessible

You have ready access to the course material no matter where you are traveling around the globe. There is also the option to download the tutorials or learning modules in advance and study them later in case of unstable internet or poor network.

Unlike the lectures in the classroom, a student can watch the tutorials as many times as possible to have a clear understanding of the topic apart from the doubt clearing sessions to create better understanding of the subject. 

One model suits all

Due to several online courses comprising different disciplines are suitable for people from diverse backgrounds, namely homemakers, working professionals, travelers, students, etc. 

Regular updates

The online modules can be regularly modified based on the latest advancement and innovations related to the subject of study to keep the student updated. 


Universities and colleges of high repute offer all the online degrees and certificate courses while being recognized by educational authorities and accepted by the concerned industries. 


The benefit of eLearning is that students can learn anytime, anywhere, and it allows them to learn at their own pace and time.

They have access to all course content and tutors. They can review their past lectures as well as assignments anytime. And most importantly, they do not need to worry about getting late for the class or examinations.


In the absence of boarding, lodging, relocation, and travel expenses, online courses and programs are less expensive than on-campus. You could save almost more than 40% on tuition fees alone. 

Environment friendly

The online education model is sustainable too. Just imagine the amount of paper that you save while writing exams online, online material replacing handbooks.

As per the study, learning via an online model reduces CO2 emissions to 85% and consumes 90% less energy.

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Andi Perullo de Ledesma

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