How to take Care of your Hair Properly?

February 2, 2022


Body hair removal methods are well known to everyone. But when it comes to the long and most visible hair strands on heads, this knowledge is inadequate. Getting rid of your hair instead of treating it’s issues is not desirable. Some hair care tips come handy with hair care products and practices in leisure times, to relax as well as improve the hair condition facilitating rejuvenation of hair cells and follicles. For all the hair woes, good maintenance and care is necessary to flaunt the hair at its best. Here are certain selected hair care tips, to get silky and shiny hair at home with these tips down for better care and nourishment of hair.

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The rule or pattern is very simple to recall and put to practice. Firstly, cleansing hair whenever the scalp ejects sweat attracts dirt and dust from surrounding air is the prime step. Secondly comes moisturization and nourishment with essential oils, vitamins and supplements. These steps together render your hair clean, smooth and shimmering. Proper hair care lets your hair detangle in an effortless manner. Hair care products are your best friends in doing so. Apart from these, some tricks and hair pastes at home make your job of hair care organic and fun. 

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Follow a Simple Suitable Schedule

  • Cleanse your hair regularly- Be it on sunny  or cold days, clearing out the dirt and sebum out from scalp and hair strands is essential to avoid dandruff formation. This also delivers from odour build up and clogging of pores surrounding the hair follicles. Clean habits also apply to your hair like the rest of your body.

Use herbal shampoos such as aloe vera, onion and egg based for hair growth and safe, harsh chemicals free hair washes each time.

  1. Condition your hair whenever necessary. Moisturizing and detangling the soft hair as a result of conditioner usage on hair strands is a healthy practice. Spread the conditioner only on the hair strands till the tip of hair. Dry and rough hair situations can be effectively combated with these. Try to make use of conditioners free from parabens.
  2. Limit heat treatments. Even though the hair is made up of keratin which is a tough substance, dead enough to be unharmed by the usual heat and wind; the close contact of heat devices such as hair straighteners, curling irons and hot brushes can erode the outer layer of hair. This causes dryness and severe damage on continuous usage. It is ideal to use the heat treatments to style your locks on special days and occasions. Damage due to excess heat can be reversed by proper application of hair masks and keratin treatments.
  • Nourish your hair at home or salon. Go for hair spas and treatments to restore the strength in your hair strands. At home this can be achieved with herbal hair mask recipes. Aloe vera, honey, egg white and yolk, lemon drops, crushed hibiscus flowers, essential oils drops etc can make great hair masks. Massage your scalp regularly to get rid of any mental and physical stress. 
  1. The essentials- Use the best hair oil after identifying the type of hair you have. Hair fall and thinning are very common issues amongst ladies at different stages of life. Castor oil should be mixed with another oil, any oil before applying to reduce its thick-sticky consistency. This addresses hair thinning, giving you thick and strong hair on routine applications. Olive oil, coconut oil, lemon oil and almond oil are the best ones to get your hair follicles and scalp nourished. Massaging the scalp with oil helps to stimulate the hair follicles for better absorption and subsequent hair growth patterns. 

The oily hair types require a bit more concentrated ingredients to suit its needs. The more dry hair types have to opt for more hydrating agents than cleansing ones. Now you can approach your hair stylist and consult over the custom-made hair care product range. These cater to the hair issues faced individually. Thus this points towards how essential it has become to know your hair types to meet its requirements.


Each hair kind is unique and so should be its necessities. It depends on the user of hair care products and home remedies to keep them healthy. Cleansing, moisturising and nourishing should go hand in hand for the hair strands to not fall and age prematurely. Soft and shiny hair strands can become a dream come true with the right timely application of hair care ingredients and products.

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