6 Reasons Why You Need to Play Dragon Ball Fighterz Video Game

March 7, 2022

Dragon Ball Fighterz is a 2.5D action game that came out in 2018 for Xbox, Windows, and PlayStation. This excellent game became instantly popular for its amazing gameplay and cool visuals. The game was so successful that it shipped more than 2 million copies only a week after it was released.

The game was nominated for various awards and won the Best fighting game in Game Critics, ESPN Esports, and Titanium Awards. Both anime lovers and gamers like the game for its attention to detail.

Here are some of the main reasons why this game stands out from a myriad of other anime-based games out there

  1. Great Storyline

The game has a very unique storyline containing characters like androids, Frieza, cell, Ginyu Force, Napa, etc. the plot is about the battle between android 21 who wishes to eliminate the Z fighters and take over the world using mysterious means and tactics.

Most Dragon Ball anime lovers play the game only because of the interesting plot that is a bit different from what they previously saw in the show.

Cool Fighting Mechanics

The games fighting mechanisms are both simple and deep at the same time. As the game progresses and you level up, you will unlock different moves and learn to inflict more damage to your opponents.

Just like poe ascendancy classes, you can find various esports events for DBFZ where you can see players doing amazing moves and using genius tactics to take out the other teams. There is so much room to grow in this game that you just cannot get enough of it.

Better Gaming Skills in General

As we have said above, Dragon Ball Fighterz gives you so much to learn and you can use the same Knowledge and experience to perform better in a lot of other games as well.

This game has action and fast-paced hands movements and it requires you to be quick on your feet and use strategies to help your team of 3 characters against AI or human-controlled teams.

All these skills come quite in handy in most action, strategy, and multiplayer games. Thus, by playing this one game you can become better at so many other games from various genres.

Small Learning Curve

Though the game is quite hard to master, still you do not need to spend a lot of time learning its basics. By spending a few minutes on the in-game tutorial you become able to use all the basic combos and tricks to get ahead in the game.

The game is extremely beginner-friendly since it doesn’t require you to remember a lot of button combinations and input methods to access certain moves and attacks. Unlike most action games, anyone can get the hang of Dragon Ball Fighterz in the minimum amount of time.

Awesome Community

To reach the multiplayer community of the game you first need to play the story and then arcade mode. After that, you get to participate in multiplayer games with other players across the globe. You get to learn so much from these professional gamers and you get motivated to improve your gameplay.

The community, in general, is quite friendly, supportive, and inspiring which makes things so much fun. Just like the path of exile uberlab, DBFZ community often organizes events and E-Sports tournaments as well.

Great Visuals

Last but not at all the least, fans love this game because it allows them to get the first-hand experience of what it is like to be a DBZ fighter. The camera angles, in and out movements of the characters, the focus while flying in the air, everything is just immaculate and perfectly executed.

The game pays so much attention to details and each character is created keeping in mind their anime appearance and personality which makes it a treat for the eyes.

Final Words

DBFZ is no doubt an amazing action game that gives a complete experience in terms of storyline, visuals, background music, etc. The game stands out for its easy controls, visually pleasing scenes, and touching plot.

So, try out this masterpiece right now if you are looking for some cool anime-based games to play. We assure you that you will have lots of fun playing the game if you gave it a shot.    

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