Five Best Travel Destinations For People With Pets

March 11, 2022

For most of us, pets aren’t just companions – they are more like full-fledged family members. They keep us continually engaged with their adorable shenanigans, perk up our moods, and manage to fill our phone’s gallery with their cuteness.

As the novel coronavirus swept the whole world in 2020, the subsequent lockdowns and physical distancing restrictions caused dog adoption to soar upwards. Having a fur baby shuffle around the house while stranded indoors has served as a savior for declining mental health.

But now, when the countries have lifted the travel ban, most of us can’t stand the thought of leaving our precious pets behind. For all the joy our canine companion brings, hitting the road or going on a vacation without them seems like leaving a piece of our heart back at home.

So, calling everyone who can’t bear the thought of leaving their pets alone for more than one day. Are you ready for your next vacation trip? Let’s admit it – who isn’t?

To help you find inspiration, we’ve rounded up a delightful maze of travel destinations from all over the globe.These places are most certainly animal wonderlands armed with all the amenities pet parents require, from luxurious dog parks to top-notch attractions that welcome pets.

Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

A mountainous town located in the east of Tennessee, Pigeon Forge is a destination that welcomes all pets as just another tourist. While Dollywood, one of the world’s premier theme parks, is famous for its heart-pounding rides and adrenaline rush adventures.However, the Doggywood areaoffers cottages and kennels to keep your furry companion safe and sound while you explore the park.

And while you wish to roam this town filled with amusement parks, your body also needs to unwind and relax. So, maximize your staycation by searching pet friendly cabins in Pigeon Forge that are generous with treats and offer various amenities.

That way, you can curl up on the couch with your loyal, four-legged friend and watch your favorite movie as you lit the fireplace. Also, get immersed in nature and loosen up while enjoying the indoor pool with your furry baby.

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona provides pet-friendly leisure areas to thousands of tourists, makingthe ‘City of Counts’ one of the best travel destinations globally.The city hostsplenty of tourist spots, from famous cathedrals such as Sagrada Familia and the widest avenue, Avinguda Diagonal, to the Pablo museum’s most thought-provoking and imaginative art exhibitions. Checkout ihomepet to know more about your pet.

Throughout the year, you can wander one of the main shopping and business avenues, Paseo De Gracia, and a large boulevard located in the heart of the city, La Rambla. And yes, don’t feel surprised when you come across a myriad of pet-friendly restaurants and bars.

What’s more, you can bask in the heat of the summers with your furry companion in the sensational, spacious, and safe Llevant beach. Lying down on a beach chair, sipping the cocktail, swimming in the water, orsprawling out in the sand with the beloved furball aresome ways to enjoy this beach and make your vacation wholesome.

Venice, Italy

The Floating City, Venice, is also one of the fascinating cities of pet lovers that offers several opportunities for pet accommodations.While there aren’t any stretched-out landscapes in the city, four-legged friends are more than welcome in the enchanting Italian city boundaries.

This northern part of Italy is arguably more dog-friendly than the southern one as various establishments and public transits welcome dogs, more often than not, without carriers. Nonetheless, in some cases, you may need to put on a muzzle on your beloved furball during the rides.

Feel free to take a casual stroll at the parks and streets with your travel buddy. You will find no difficulty finding small water bowls at the fore of various shops and bars. However, be sure to avoid small alleys since they may get overwhelmingly crowded and fully swarmed with people in the peak season.

Also, be sure to satisfy your hunger pangs with some homemade tiramisu at the pet-friendly restaurant, Barcaretto. And give a try to a smoothie at the spectacular 60/40 Venezia.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Does your furry friend wish to have a seat at the dinner table? Then, let’s take your pet on a Dutch escape. As with many other parts of Europe, several shops and restaurants allow pet owners to bring their leashed pets inside (although it never hurts to ask).

Of course, as with all destinations, you might need to fulfill all the formalities, such as vaccines and paperwork. However, the Netherlands offers pretty much relaxation in the policies when it comes down to traveling with canine companions. You have the freedom to ride on any public transport at no charge if you have got a small-size travel buddy.

And if you are in the quest for a perfect blend of fun and exploration, then head over to Amsterdam. One of the best-known and great locations in the city, Oosterpark has two zones – one is a no-pet zone where children can stroll freely, while the other one welcomes pooches.

Also, Amsterdam is an incredible location for fun open-air activities; the long, tulip-lined paths are ideal for cycling with your four-legged friend. Given enormous attractions, Amsterdam was crowned as the most animal-friendly city in the Netherlands back in 2019.

Colorado Springs, Colorado

If you and your pup wish to feel at home, then the second-most populous, magnificent, and laid-back municipality in the Centennial State has got you covered. Located alongside Pike National Forest, the city gives more natural vibes than the other cities in Colorado.

Not to mention, it also offers the travelers the best of all the possible worlds – whether you and your best pal want to go for outdoor adventures or immerse in nature. So, let’s hit the trails with your furry companion at Pikes Peak – the mountains that became the inspiration for America the Beautiful. And don’t miss the chance to hike at Garden of the Gods to witness the massive sandstones and breathtaking scenery of Pikes Peak.

And if you and your travel buddy, at any moment, feel hungry, never sweat it. Heaps of restaurants offer outdoor seating arrangements. And the best part? Pub Dog is the first restaurant that accepts four-legged friends in the indoor dining facility.

Final Words

Undeniably, the thought of leaving a pup or any other pet behind when going for a vacation is enough to fill any pet parent with dread. Way out? Tag your pet alongside you, double the fun, and remove missing games.

And with a plethora of magnificent travel destinations, you’ll most certainly have an entire itinerary ready for your upcoming vacation trips. Just ensure you thoroughly read the pet-friendly travel guidelines and instructions, specifically vaccines and paperwork, before embarking on your journey.

You may also want to ensure your pet wears a collar tag with ID written on it (no, a simple tattoo isn’t enough) on the off chance. And lastly, set aside some time to ensure you pack everything. This way, you’ll prevent unwelcome surprises and focus more on building memorable travel diaries with your best pal.

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