Is it Better to Rent a Smartphone Than Buying One?

March 15, 2022
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Are you tired of buying flagship phones every year? Are you unable to decide whether to buy a Mid-range smartphone or a flagship one? Many face this kind of issue when it is time to upgrade to a new phone, and with a lack of options, they will buy the most hyped/praised smartphone of that year or listen to their friends and get a smartphone from a new brand that offers unique features. You would probably buy an iPhone or other flagships and later buy another one next year.

What’s your plan? What will you buy this time?

Buying a smartphone could burn a hole in your wallet, especially the flagships. And it may affect your budget, and you will have to an extent other purchase plans. But, you can prevent all these hassles if you rent a smartphone. If you are hearing this term for the first time, welcome to the smartphone renting/leasing world. Just like renting a car or house, you can rent an iPhone 13 Pro Max and use it as long as you wish.

If you are someone who switches to the latest flagships every year or gets bored of the new phone within months, you will face several financial restrictions to get a new phone. Especially if you are not super-rich, you must wait at least a year to switch to a new phone. And what if you don’t like the new one? You still have to wait another year to get a new phone. Getting a smartphone for rent seems to be a great idea to solve these problems.

Yet not on board with this idea? The advantages given below may persuade you to consider this method.

Advantages of renting a flagship smartphone

You don’t lock yourself in

One of the disadvantages of buying a smartphone, especially the expensive flagships like the iPhone, is that you lock yourself in with one smartphone. But, if you choose to rent an iPhone 13 Pro Max, you can switch to another brand if you feel like it—and you don’t have to worry about your budget as well. Some agencies that rent smartphones let you switch without even changing the rent amount (if certain conditions meet).

Prevent e-waste/reduce pollution

This point is one of the major reasons you must rent a phone if you change phones frequently. Electronic waste is a huge problem. It cannot be ignored or clubbed with the other types of waste because e-waste brings more damage to the environment than ordinary wastes, especially electronics containing chemicals and metals.

No financial risk in case of accidental damages/defects

If you drop your smartphone or it starts malfunctioning suddenly, you don’t have to panic—the agency that rents you your smartphone will take care of the damages or the software problems. Once you take it to the shop, they will repair it and charge minimal money. Some agencies allow you to switch to another brand in certain conditions.

No need to wait for new launches or price drop

Many depend on the ‘buy when price drops’ strategy to purchase a new phone. It is a useful strategy, but sometimes, it is not entirely feasible. If you just lost your smartphone or have to gift a phone to your friend or a family member, you cannot wait for too long. Here, time is of the essence; hence, you need to change your strategy. If you want to rent an iPhone 13 Pro Max, just visit your nearest smartphone renting agency, or you can find their website and order it.

Renting a smartphone may sound odd to many, but it is a boon for several others who love to switch their smartphones frequently and don’t want to break the bank.

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