The UAE Real Estate Market: State and Condition in 2022

March 15, 2022
Real Estate

Real Estate

The UAE real estate market in 2022. In which emirate it is more profitable to invest money. Flats and apartments in Dubai, Abu Dhabi for permanent residence and investment.

UAE real estate market: in which emirates is it profitable to invest in housing and live comfortably?

More and more foreigners prefer to invest in foreign real estate. This investment saves them from inflation and generates a passive income. The United Arab Emirates remains one of the most popular destinations. Why Technologywolf or prefer Dubai? Let’s look at the advantages of both directions.

The state of the UAE real estate market

Sales in 2021 showed record results. For the first time in many years, the market is recovering, last seen in 2014. Prices are growing, so it is more profitable to invest in real estate right away. The profitability of real estate in such famous emirates as Dubai and Abu Dhabi is high, reaching 8-10%. Therefore, as regions for passive income, these emirates are equally advantageous. As far as long-term investments are concerned, the most profitable is to buy housing when it starts to be built. By the time of commissioning, it will cost 20-30%.

Advantages of Arab real estate

They include:

  • Affordable prices when compared with housing in Europe.
  • High demand with liquidity.
  • Annual capitalization of value.

In this case, there is no taxation of the housing stock, which makes it possible to obtain a net profit from renting apartments. The UAE’s easy transport connection makes the country convenient for residents of the largest states.

Abu Dhabi or Dubai for permanent residence or investment in real estate?

Over 85% of foreign nationals choose Dubai for permanent residence. The whole country is associated with the luxury of this metropolis. However, the capital is unfairly ignored, although Abu Dhabi has an equally well-developed infrastructure and beautiful nature. Moreover, the UAE capital does not have as many tourists as Dubai, so the city is more suitable for permanent residence. Particular attention is paid to landscaping, so there are many oases on the territory. Therefore, the capital has clean and fresh air. A significant event for foreigners was the purchase of housing in full ownership. The prospects for Abu Dhabi are as good as those of Dubai.

How to buy a property in the UAE?

There are several ways:

  • Purchase of primary housing. In this case, the transaction can be carried out remotely.
  • Purchase of a housing unit on the secondary market.
  • A deal involving mortgage funds.

The professional assistance of a specialist will help you purchase a home using any scheme without additional expenses and time loss.

We will help you choose a property in the UAE

On the website, you can find offers from developers and real estate agencies in all regions of the country. In the catalogue, you can calculate prices in dollars and dirhams.

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