Why Custom Vinyl Decals Are The Most Cost-Effective Marketing Tools

March 22, 2022

If your company owns a fleet of vehicles, you basically own a lot of free ad space. By installing vinyl decals and stickers on your company vehicles, you can make them mobile billboards for your brand. Display your brand name, contact info, and other relevant information via eye-catching, custom-designed vehicle decals and stickers. Visit a Print Shop to get your decal today!

Several small-scale businesses have already successfully practiced this type of marketing. For example, pizza stores. In 2021, there were approximately 75,117 pizza restaurants in the US. 90% of these pizzerias are small-scale and locally owned. 60% of those pizzerias do not spend a lot on marketing. Yet, they succeed. How? With sticker-covered delivery vehicles.

Smart owners of pizzerias use their delivery vehicles as free marketing tools. They cover their delivery cars and bikes with reusable vinyl stickers and cars. When delivery vehicles with advertising stickers pull into neighborhoods, the brand receives incredible exposure. Here are some other reasons why vinyl stickers/decals from stickeryou.com are cost-effective marketing tools:


In the past, paper stickers gave the sticker industry a bad name. Paper stickers would not last long. They would tear as soon as they came in contact with water. Nowadays, vehicle decals and stickers are made of vinyl – a super-durable synthetic material. Decals made of this material are durable, fade-resistant, and resistant to external weather conditions.

Let us say you order ten vinyl stickers or decals featuring your brand’s name and logo. You install them on your company vehicles. These stickers will resist years of humidity, moisture, and sunlight damage. They will serve your brand for years. You can park your vehicle outdoors, under the sun – your UV-resistant vinyl decals will still promote your brand.

Multiple Uses

Vinyl stickers and decals look great on vehicles. These marketing tools collect thousands of brand impressions every day. However, vinyl stickers and decals can be attached on other surfaces as well, not just cars.

  • You can use your custom-printed vinyl stickers to create storefront signs. Make sure everyone who enters the store knows your brand’s name, logo, and other key details.
  • Print your brand’s artwork and design backward on your custom decals and stickers. Then, install them on your store’s windows. Potential customers outside the store can see these stickers, read the information on them, and learn about your brand.
  • Custom-printed stickers and decals also serve as amazing giveaways and souvenirs at marketing events. If your brand is visiting a tradeshow or business conference, it needs to make a strong impact on the attendees. What better way to impress event attendees than by giving them free stickers and decals that feature your brand’s name! The recipients of the stickers will appreciate your gesture and learn about your brand.

Vinyl Is Environmentally Friendly

Vinyl stickers and decals are environmentally friendly, because they are highly durable and reusable. Once you install these stickers on your car, they stay there for ages. You will not have to buy replacements or other marketing tools once you install these super-durable decals and stickers.

These qualities make high-quality vinyl stickers and decals one of the most cost-effective marketing tools in the world.

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