Five Must-Have Camping Gadgets For Summer 2022

April 20, 2022

Holiday fads come and go, but a few die-hards stay strong. When it comes to choosing a fun activity for a long weekend, very little beats a good American camping trip. Camping is one of the most time-honored traditions in America, with hundreds of thousands of people making a trip to the great outdoors at least six times a year.

Camping is one of the most soul-satisfying pastimes, and the opportunity to connect with nature should never go unnoticed. Camping realigns us to the natural world and allows us to go off-grid for a bit — and we all need that!

Here are five must-have camping gadgets for this coming summer:

  • All Seasons Sleeping Bag

Everyone knows that you can’t go camping without some basics. These include a tent, a sleeping bag, and a torch. Not all sleeping bags get created equally, so you need to be picky with the one you choose – it will serve you for many years to come.

By choosing an all-seasons sleeping bag, you won’t be limiting your time in the outdoors to only the summer months. A sleeping bag designed for use all year round is a far more versatile option.

  • Headlamp

Darkness is all part of camping. There is likely no camper in the history of the world that has not tripped at least once due to their pitch-black surroundings. That is where a good quality headlamp comes in, darkness can be dangerous — especially if there are wild animals around.

Torches are great for camping too, but headlamps allow you to keep your hands free — that is vital when you’re trekking through uneven surfaces at night. Headlamps will help to make your weekend away so much more fun.

  • Knife Sharpener

There is nothing worse than putting up your tent and getting ready for a weekend of outdoor fun, only to realize that your knife is blunt. Your knife is used for most things when you’re camping, from fishing to hiking down the mountains — you need it working at its best.

Pack a knife sharpening stone with you for the moments when only a sharp knife will do.

  • Water Purifier

When planning your camping trip, you probably look for areas with a readily available water source. That only really helps if you have a water purifier with you. Water is a critically important element for staying healthy and happy but drinking non-filtered water is too risky.

Take the guessing game out of your next camping trip by investing in a high-quality water purifier.

  • Multitool

When you are out in the bush or forest, you will soon notice that not everything is entirely user friendly. Nature is not for the faint-hearted, you need to be tough and ready to take on anything.

It is a lot easier to be ready to take on whatever nature throws at you if you have a handy multitool. Camping multitools are necessary for camping as well as cooking, and the right tool will save you so much time.

Choose one that harnesses many different tools and can easily fit in your pocket.

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