Kratom Doses and the Best Way to Take It

May 18, 2022


One of the most beautiful effects of kratom is the burst of energy it gives you. This is not like the typical “high” you get from drugs. “Highs” are followed by “crashes.” This one is different. Kratom boosts energy levels in the body and lets you stay this way for a whopping 6-8 hours, even more, depending on the strain.

So when you take kratom in California, do not fear that you are taking some drug. Kratom is no drug. It is a herb. It has the ability to target opioid receptors of your brain to make it more alert, focused, energetic, and happy.

The best way to take kratom

According to experts, the best and the safest way to take kratom is to take it in low doses. You are feeling quite low in energy does not mean you must take the herb in high doses to get a major energy boost.

Kratom works well even in the lowest dose. For beginners, it is 1 gram or less. For avid users, 2-4 grams can easily help you glide throughout the day with enough energy and optimism.

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Is kratom harmful?

No, say researchers. The harm happens when people go overboard in the use of kratom.

When experts advise you to stick to low doses and go kratom-free in between to avoid tolerance, why must you try a high dose?

Many people fail to heed the advice of experts and then complain of side effects. Then, they label the herb as bad or harmful.

A common saying goes, “everything in excess is poison.”

If Mother Nature has given us an excellent energy booster, analgesic (pain reliever), anti-depressant, anxiolytic (anxiety reliever), and aphrodisiac (libido enhancer), we must use it responsibly.

Please do not mess with Nature’s gift.

Whether you wish to use kratom for mood elevation or pain relief, use it within the recommended dose.

The recommended dose of kratom

Experts advise beginning taking this herb in the lowest dose, which is 1 gram or less. See how it affects you. Later, you can increase the dose to 2 grams, if you want. This is a choice, not a compulsion.

Some people feel absolutely fine taking just 1 gram of kratom such as Red Bali Kratom powder. So stick with it. You must do what suits you.

A dose of 3-6 grams is moderate. Many people go well with this dose.

A kratom powder dose of 6-8 grams is high. You must take it only when you are using kratom for pain relief or for severe anxiety or depressive symptoms. Otherwise, kratom in such a high dose is not needed by the body normally.

A dose of 8-12 grams is the highest dose and experts recommend it only in exceptional cases of severe pain or anxiety. Please do not go beyond 12 grams.

Kratom is beautiful in its effects when taken in limited doses. It turns into a beast when overdosed.

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