Proposal Ideas For Nature Lovers

May 18, 2022

Loving someone is the most connecting thing in this world, and being loved feels beautiful. When two people are ready to take their relationship to the next level, or marriage, it becomes apparent that it is time for a proposal. But, planning a proposal is the most complicated part, even more than the answer. Questions like where and how to propose will pound your mind. You can not just take out the ring and ask, although it is preferable in some cases. But would not you like it to be unique for your partner? If yes, we have a good list of marriage proposal ideas like the sunset cruise Honolulu proposal that can help you.

Propose in the lap of nature

A proposal can be of many types and in many settings such as group settings, intimate settings, etc. It is good to be considerate of your partner’s likes and dislikes. If you and your partner are more nature lovers, numerous options are available. You can either go to a beach or the hills — anything that suits your interests. However, a marriage proposal is a moment that must feel extra special and unforgettable. So, how about a proposal in these outdoor settings? 

Few proposal ideas

Whenever you plan an outdoor proposal, make sure the chosen space does not require a permit. If it requires a permit, get one so that no one can disturb you with litigation when you are one knew down.

Nevertheless, there are many perks to planning a proposal in nature. Nature carries its beauty in sophistication, and you may need not arrange any artificial decorations. Plus, it saves you a few bucks and even the trouble of planning. You can be free as nature will shower your special moment with its eternal presence. After you are all set with the where-question, it is time you find answers for how you are going to do it.

A cherishable spot

Everyone loves to go back to the good old memories, so select a location that holds significance for you both. It could be the place where you both first met or a place where you made memories. The sentiments attached to this location will add extra points to your proposal.

Go hiking

If you both like things simple and adventurous, try going on a hike. If it is one of your regular activities, you may not even have to hide the surprise. So, be patient until you reach a perfect location, and then speak out your heart aloud at the ideal timing. To add a bit of extra charm, try asking for help from a friend to brighten up the place with lights before you both arrive.

Plan a Boat Ride

Again, like mountains, there is no less excitement in proposing by the water. Whether you book a boat charter Oahu or rent an old canoe, the experience will feel incredibly romantic. To add more, try the time when the sun is setting; the orange and pink colored sky will add a classy yet simple touch to your proposal.


Remember, the proposal is about you both, and whatever may seem ordinary to you now will become a memorable moment for years to come. People often ignore the moments and places they hold near their hearts even without knowing. So plan your proposal like it was meant to be at that place and how you want.

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