The dishwasher does not start the program – what could be the reason?

May 27, 2022
dishwasher repair

Most families have a dishwasher today. Washing dishes by hand takes longer and is more expensive, while a dishwasher uses less water and requires less effort. However, a dishwasher is an electrical appliance that may well malfunction.

Is the dishwasher not turning on? This problem is more common than some people think. At first, there is a sense of bewilderment, especially if the dishwasher has always been very reliable. However, this is no reason to despair. You can turn to dishwasher repair services. There are solutions to get your dishwasher back in working order.

The dishwasher does not start – what to do?

What to do if the dishwasher does not start as usual always depends on the device’s manufacturer. However, some reasons can apply universally to all devices. But for this, it is necessary first to subject the dishwasher to a small test. It is important to check that the water is not turned off in the first step. After that, move the on-off switch again. If it doesn’t feel tight anymore, then that may be the reason why the dishwasher is not running. Power should also get to the machine, so it is important to check the socket and the fuse.

Is the door latched properly? It is equally important to check that the door’s fuse is neither blocked nor broken.

Check the inside of the dishwasher

If all the “external circumstances” have been checked, but the dishwasher still does not work as you would like – you should relatively quickly find out what the problem may be by looking at its “insides”. It is important to look at the so-called bottom tray.

If there is water, then either the drain strainer or the drain hose is clogged. It is not difficult to remove the strainer from the machine. Then it must be thoroughly cleaned. The dishwasher does not start the program, even if the strainer is clean? In this case, it is necessary to unscrew the drain hose. It is possible that there are food residues in this hose, so it should also be thoroughly cleaned.

Are the dishes put in properly?

Another reason for the dishwasher not starting the program can be a blockage caused by the dishes. Therefore, check whether the dishes have been placed in the device correctly. In some machines, an error message occurs when the upper rinse arm cannot rotate. Another problem can be missing salt; here it is essential to check if there is still enough salt in the appliance. Something like this is fundamental if the water has a high lime content. In this case, a call to the water department can clarify how high the lime load is.

Perhaps the pumps are faulty?

Under each dishwasher, there is a drain pump and a circulation pump. If one of these pumps is dirty, the dishwasher may not start. If you are handy, you can remove the pumps and clean them. However, if it is a new model, then a dishwasher repair by an experienced professional is the better option.

Old buildings have a special charm, but they can also cause some problems, for example, in terms of water pressure. If water pipes in old buildings do not have the required water pressure, this can be the reason why the dishwasher does not start. As long as the problem with the water pressure is not solved, it can always happen that the dishwasher does not start its program as usual.

If you have checked all the above points, but the dishwasher still does not work, then it is time to consult a specialist who can take a closer look at the device.

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