Top Ideas To Kill Time When Your Flight Is Delayed

June 3, 2022

Unplanned breaks in your travel itinerary can be irritating, as quite often you are not prepared to spend an additional few hours at an airport or bus station. You only have a book packed, and it can get boring after a few long hours. What to do when your flight is delayed and how to kill time? Here are some ideas you might want to try out on your next trip.

Get in shape

As surprising as it may sound, you can work out at an airport while waiting for your flight. Of course, it does not involve heavy-lifting of your fully packed suitcases or doing yoga next to a vending machine. The number of airports that offer access to a gym or a yoga room is constantly growing. If you are waiting at one of the biggest airports in the world, you can be sure that there is somewhere a fitness zone for passengers to enjoy. Even if there is none, usually you can find a gym in some other neighboring building. As you have hours of spare time anyway, you can have a quick fitness session and get to the airport on time. It is a good way to kill time, but staying in shape during your travels is not an easy task, so take every opportunity you might have. Especially if your journey involves long hours on a plane.

Go treasure-hunting

Airports, especially the top ones, are like a city within a city. They have numerous shops, and quite often, you can find anything in them. If you are waiting for your delayed flight, what stops you from going on a treasure hunt? You do not have to be shopping, you can only browse through the offer and try to find the hidden gems. A great option would be to search for something opposite — the tackiest souvenir that you find. 

Play a game

If usually you don’t like to lose time on any sorts of games and prefer to do something more productive instead, the spare time you have due to the delay might be a perfect moment to try this kind of entertainment. All you need is your mobile device, be it a smartphone or a tablet. The variety of games available on the Internet makes it easy for everyone to find the one they would enjoy. An interesting option would be to try out casino free spins. They are available for all players, and as you get bored while waiting, a rush of adrenaline would be very much welcomed. However, as you will be connecting to the public Wi-Fi, remember to secure your device with a VPN service and an antivirus program. When choosing a casino to play free spins, pick only safe and reliable platforms, preferably the ones listed on sites such as Vegas Slots Online, where you can be sure that the casinos are chosen on the basis of rigorous conditions.

Enjoy the place you are stuck in

If you have more than an hour to spare due to the delay, you do not need to be spending all this time in one place. Instead of sitting in some uncomfortable chair, walk around a little. Leave the airport and see the city you are stuck in. You can use the Internet to search for the closest attractions, a nice café or a restaurant and choose gastro-tourism to get to know the place. 

Some airports, like the ones in Singapore, but also in Amsterdam, Honolulu or Vancouver allow the passengers to enjoy some nature in the middle of the building. You do not even have to go outside to sit on a bench and relax. These places are much better to enjoy your book than a crowded airport waiting room.

Become an observer

If you are the kind of person who likes to sit still and observe, airports are just perfect for this type of activity. So many people pass you every minute that you can use this time to simply observe them. You will soon realize how many colorful and different people you cross your path with every day, but you have no time to notice them.

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