Dandruff: Causes, Signs, Symptoms And More

June 24, 2022

Dandruff is a common condition that most men and women suffer from today. It is a hair condition that occurs from a dry scalp that lacks hydration and a good hair care regime. Dandruff may also be the product of the constant pollution, dirt, and debris accumulation. As a result, it may lead to hair fall and itchiness in the scalp and even make the scalp look scaly. It is best to opt for the right remedies on time to eliminate all this. If you are also facing skin problems, make sure you opt for Sweet Orange essential oil skin benefits on time. 

For people who suffer from a lot of dandruff problems, make sure you find out, “does Orange essential oil have Vitamin C?” Since Vitamin C can be helpful for the elimination of hair loss problems and repairing hair, it is best to use products that include it. Read more about dandruff problems below. 

Signs And Symptoms Of Dandruff

  • Itchy scalp 
  • Hair dryness
  • Hair fall
  • Reddish bumps on the hairline. Sometimes they may also appear yellow
  • Dry scales on the scalp

Causes Of Dandruff

1. Using Insufficient Amounts Of Shampoo 

Not shampooing enough can cause your hair to attract excess oil that sits stubbornly on your scalp. With this comes the problem of oil building up on your skin and causing dandruff to occur. This means you are either not shampooing frequently or using fewer amounts of shampoo. That is why make sure you use enough shampoo that reaches out to all the parts of your scalp properly. Massage it properly and make sure your hair feels thoroughly cleansed. Do not forget to add water and splash it onto your scalp to easily even out the shampoo formulation everywhere on your scalp. Do this for some time to see how it affects your dandruff problem. It is most likely to help. 

2. Suffering From A Medical Condition

Dandruff can also be a potential sign of you suffering from a medical condition. Seborrheic Dermatitis is one such condition that can affect your scalp and increase the oil secretion in this region. In this condition, you may experience redness on your scalp, which may trigger the rise of dandruff problems. You may also find it to be in resemblance to other skin conditions, mainly Eczema. If you think you might be suffering from this problem, it is best to speak to a healthcare professional at the earliest. Let them diagnose the problem and allow you to treat it accordingly. 

3. Suffering From Dry Skin

One of the most common causes of dandruff is dry skin. If you continue to have dry skin, your dandruff problem is most likely to elevate, no matter how many home remedies you try to combat it. You can identify this condition by examining other parts of the body that may be exposed to this dandruff problem. This may be more common during the Winter season when the skin tends to be more dry than usual. The best way to combat dry skin issues is to hydrate and moisturize yourself well. Make sure you opt for products that contain moisturizing elements in them. Today, there are diverse shampoos that provide this benefit. Look out for them in stores now. 

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4. Response To An Allergic Reaction

Different individuals can be allergic to diverse things. While some people are allergic to Peanuts, others are allergic to Chocolates and so much more. But this also implies that these allergies can trigger a host of reactions in your body. One common allergic reaction could also be dandruff on your hair. If you start identifying yourself suffering from a scalp irritation that causes dryness or itchiness, you should visit a doctor. They will help you identify the allergy that triggered this problem and how you can mitigate it on time. Also, if you think that a specific hair product might have caused this problem to occur, stop using it for a while. 

5. Accumulation Of Yeast And Its Overgrowth

A specific form of fungus on the scalp and skin might trigger a yeast overgrowth. When a sensitivity occurs due to this reason, you may start facing dandruff problems. If you reach out to a medical professional, they can provide a potential relief for this problem on time. You can also use some shampoos to help control the Yeast overgrowth and reduce the risks of dandruff spreading on your scalp. 

How To Diagnose Dandruff?

When you visit a Dermatologist, they will first examine your scalp. They will look at it and ask you certain questions about your lifestyle too. This may include the shampoo you use, your hair care routine, and the foods you consume. This will help them to identify what causes this dandruff problem in the first place. Then, they will provide an effective treatment for your dandruff problem. If that fails to help, the Dermatologist will perform a skin biopsy to help eliminate any dandruff problem. 

Can Essential Oils Help Eliminate Dandruff?

Essential oils are natural and have minimal side effects. Due to their ability to contain natural ingredients, they can easily improve the speed of your dandruff treatment. This is only possible when you use them consistently. Also, they help hydrate and moisturize your scalp, which can slowly eradicate the dandruff problem in time. However, seek the recommendation of your health expert to understand if you should apply it. Although it is safe for use, a recommendation from a doctor could help eliminate any possible health complications. 

Ending Note

Dandruff could occur due to many reasons. The signs and symptoms of dandruff may also differ from person to person. That is why identifying them on time can be tough. Make sure you also start taking good care of your hair to avoid the extension of this problem. Go by the remedies your doctor prescribes to speed up the process. You will soon see that your hair becomes dandruff-free and healthy. So, read the causes of dandruff properly if you have not, and be ready to combat them. 

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