What To Keep In Mind Before Your First Motorcycle Road Trip

July 11, 2022

Planning your first motorcycle road trip may be a bit more complicated than you expect. After all, there are so many things you need to consider. While you are surely anxious to hop on your bike and hit the road, you need to focus on the planning part of the trip first. Forgetting something may cause your trip to go south, which is why we have created a list of tips that will help you enjoy an unforgettable adventure. 

Make sure your bike suits you completely

If you are just buying your first bike, be sure to choose something that suits you, and we do not just mean your taste. Maybe you have your eyes on a cool sports bike, but this motorcycle is not the best choice for beginners. It is too powerful, and only experienced riders can handle it. Talk to professionals in motorcycle dealerships in your area, and see what they recommend. Your new bike should fit you perfectly and match your riding skills. If, on the other hand, you already have a motorcycle, make sure you feel completely comfortable on it. In case some modifications are needed, get them done ASAP. A new seat, better headlights, or a different handlebar can help you have a more pleasant ride. 

Choose the right apparel

Dressing for the ride is not about style, it is about safety and comfort. If you are traveling someplace far, be sure to wear your helmet, riding jacket, and pants, as well as ankle boots. Regular jeans with knee guards will suffice for shorter destinations. Motorcycle apparel can be bought in any moto store or even online. However, it is recommended to buy it in brick-and-mortar stores, so you can try it on before making the purchase. After all, your gear should fit you like a glove, because loose or baggy gear can cause discomfort. 

Make sure to pack light

Although you can harness saddlebags to the back seat of your motorcycle, place a tank bag in front of you and a tail bag behind you, you still will not have a lot of space for all your possessions. Therefore, be sure only to bring essentials with you. Also, pack as many disposable items as possible. This way your bags will become lighter as you travel. When it comes to clothes, wash and reuse them whenever possible, so you do not have to carry a bunch of stuff with you. Instead of folding your clothes, roll them, and they will not take up so much space. 

Drink enough water

Riding the bike is not the same as driving in an air-conditioned car. If it is very hot outside, you can quickly become dehydrated, so get yourself a hydration pack. It is a bagged bottle that has a tube, and you can take a sip whenever you feel thirsty without taking your helmet off or stopping. If you do not have this pack, make sure you drink water each time you take a break, even if you do not feel thirsty at all.

Take plenty of breaks

Riding a bike is exciting, but after a while, your back, legs, and especially your behind will begin to ache. To avoid saddle soreness, take breaks and stretch your legs whenever possible. During your pause, fuel the bike, refill your water bottle, and plan your next break.

Do not ride on a full stomach

Before you hit the road, make sure you have a light breakfast. Heavy meals can make you sleepy, and you must be able to fully concentrate on the road. Also, be sure to carry some snacks with you in case you find yourself famished in the middle of nowhere. 

Making detailed plans is the first step toward a successful road trip, so be sure to follow these tips when getting ready for your next adventure.

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