8 Fabulous Tips for The Jewelry Makers

July 19, 2022
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We have all found enthusiasm for something in the pandemic. The boredom has given life to new hobbies and talents. Some have tried a hand at painting and others at making jewelry. The changing fashion and perceptions around the importance of jewelry have given people a vast horizon to discover. 

We have seen handmade jewelry make a comeback. Arm candy bracelets and beaded necklaces are now famous accessories to make any outfit look more fun. So, why not make them a home? You might need a little help getting started. Hence, we have gathered a few tips to make the process smoother for you. 

Keep reading to make all kinds of jewelry you wish to. 

  1. Learn The Lingo 

You must equip yourself with the terminology before beginning any project. The correct vocabulary will help you purchase the right tools and materials. It will also make it easier for you to describe your creation. 

The terms can include different types of metals used to make jewelry, processes, and styles. It is surprising how many related words we are unaware there are to know. You can find a glossary online for a quick run-down of the terminology. 

  1. Choose Your Forte 

There is no shame in admitting that you cannot be good at everything. Try making jewelry of all types and choose the ones you make the best. This way, you will invest your energy and time into something you can do well. You can streamline your approach and materials once you have chosen a style to specialize in. 

For example, choosing a beaded style will give you an exact idea of what materials you want from the bead shop. Doing this will also make your project cost-effective since you will not waste money on unnecessary materials. Some different styles of jewelry you can explore are:

  • Wire jewelry: As the name suggests, it is essentially bracelets, rings, and necklaces made with wire. Commonly used colors for this type of jewelry are silver, gold, copper, black and brown. Making wire jewelry is easy if you know how to use the tools properly. It usually requires twisting and interlocking wires to form new designs. 
  • Metal clay jewelry: This form of jewelry comes to life after being fired. The clay turns silver under the head of the torch. It can be molded and sculpted to make the design you want. Then, you fire it to solidify it into beautiful pure silver. This material provides the freedom to play with different shapes and try new things. It can be used to make rings, bracelets, necklaces, and all other pieces. However, it does require steady hands and some sculpting experience. 
  • Beaded jewelry: This type of jewelry is probably the easiest and most common DIY project. It is the art of linking different beads by putting them in threads and wires. The true essence of this type of jewelry-making lies in the beads used. Beautiful beads will lead to a pretty outcome. Fortunately, there are a plethora of options available for beads and ornaments. They can be glass, wood, plastic, or even gems in various shapes, colors, and sizes.
  1. Purchase Quality Tools And Materials

It might be overwhelming to know about all the tools required for this hobby if you are new to it. You can search the internet to get an idea of things you can need. A few commonly used tools are flat-nosed and round-nosed pliers, wire cutters, hammers, and many others.  

You can buy affordable tools in the beginning. You can purchase special, expensive tools once you are sure of the style of jewelry you want. Compromising the quality of equipment can lead to unsatisfactory products. 

Buying too much equipment together can be hard on the pocket. So, add to your collection gradually. It is unwise to get different tools you are not sure you will use. Also, the initial expenditure might look daunting. Remember that these tools serve their purpose for long and will make uncountable designs.

  1. Take Help 

It takes time to master a skill. The same is the case with making jewelry. We are lucky to be connected to the entire world through the internet. Technology makes it so much easier to find people with similar interests as you. People make informative videos that teach hundreds of people how to make jewelry at home. So, surf YouTube and other apps to find relevant information for yourself. 

You can even take inspiration for newer ideas online. It will make this hobby challenging and more interesting. 

  1. Register For A Class 

Taking a class is much easier than figuring out all details on your own. A jewelry-making course will give you knowledge about the tools, language, and styles. There will also be an instructor; you can ask questions that exist nowhere online. 

  1. Find A Work Spot 

Making jewelry can be messy. You have to have all supplies laid out while working on a piece. Having a designated area for this craft is necessary. This way, you never lose your supplies and tools because they are always in the same place. You can also hang an inspiration board that makes designing new pieces easier. An organized space will ensure you know where all the supplies are. This discipline might help you remain calm when under pressure. 

  1. Showcase Your Work 

We have witnessed a sudden growth in small online businesses. People have started to take advantage of their talents and sell products they make. You can use your skills to customize pieces and sell them. Begin by setting up an Instagram page. Upload pictures of your work online and ask your friends to spread the word. You can also take tips on starting your own online business to get assistance. 

These tips are the perfect guide for a beginner enthusiastic about jewelry making. Much of your success depends on your motivation. This activity might become more of a burden than a hobby if you do not have a passion for it. Moreover, you might have heard people say, “do not do anything you are good at for free.” Take that advice if you believe in your products. Make it a source of income once you have mastered it.

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