Five Benefits Of Automatic Deer Feeders

July 25, 2022

Deer feeders are wonderful devices that are created as one tool to cover many aspects when it comes to deer hunting. These multipurpose machines serve as an important way to help with supplementing deer health, watching and monitoring the wildlife, and population control. One of the majorly important reasons for using deer feeders or game feeders is hunting, and these are used to spread food as bait to lure in deer for hunting purposes.

Helping deer maintain good health is also a prime reason to use feeders. With protein-rich food options readily available, these automatic feeders are the most efficient way to deliver the proper nutrients to the herds and keep their health in check. If you are in the market for the best deer feeders make sure to check the deer hunting guide to assist you further and help you to choose the best feeders.

Why does using automatic deer feeders make sense?

There have been a lot of advancements, and we have come a long way from manual feeding and simple feeder setups to new-age automatic feeders. An automatic deer feeder does everything on its own with minimal intervention needed. An automatic deer feeder solves many issues that are common in the cases of manual options and older methods like hand scattering.

Let us take a look into the top five advantages of automatic deer feeders.

1. Easy management and hassle-free operation

One of the most immediate benefits is the convenience of feeding. Automated feeders have built-in features that let you program all aspects of feeding, such as the area of spreading feed around, timings for scattering feed, and the quantity of the feed to be given at a given time. This avoids the hassle of going out into the woods or obscure areas in more demanding weather or odd hours to check on the feed or if everything is as intended.

Another main issue is that going into such sites can easily spook the game, preventing them from coming in, or the problem of squirrels and small animals coming in to eat the feed. Automatic deer feeders can easily tackle such issues, making the feeding and luring a hassle-free experience.

2. Feed conservation and wastage prevention

Manual feeders are very basic in design and let the feed be clumped up in piles for a long time without anyone to manage it. This can cause a lot of feed to be spoiled and wasted due to harsh conditions. A lot of it also goes to waste as it is dragged out by insects or small animals like squirrels or destroyed by bigger animals such as beers or hogs, which can also harm the machinery.

Another significant issue here is overfeeding. The piles attract deer easily, who, if they eat more than they need, may easily fall ill due to overconsumption.

Automatic feeders only let out limited and pre-planned quantities of feed at any time, minimizing wastage and issues such as overfeeding.

3. Wide range of options and sizes

There is a lot that can be customized when it comes to automatic feeders. Power sources can vary between batteries and solar power, while feed ejection can range from directional feeding to spin casting. There are various models with different sizes, allowing you to store extra or limited quantities of feed. Many options include additional features such as protective locking mechanisms to keep birds or squirrels away from feed storage.

Many feeders can even go as far as telling you estimates of how long the feed will last and allow you to set dispensation times too.

You can also choose from the following popular feeder options:

  • Hanging feeders: Set above the ground for minimal chances of wildlife destroying it.
  • Directional feeders: Control the areas where feed pellets land to minimize wastage.
  • Spin cast feeders: Help with spraying feed over more considerable distances in areas like forest clearings or field patches.
  • Tripod feeders: Low maintenance and minimal interference options that are highly effective.

4. Automation and minimized intervention

This is one of the main benefits of automatic deer feeders. Often, wrong placement or incorrect planning can cause many issues that may need manual intervention. Deer are very alert creatures and are very careful of foreign presence in their surroundings. Regular interventions for checking up on feed quantity and the working conditions of the feeder can be detrimental to the process. It can easily spook deer and other animals and scare them away, preventing valuable hunting opportunities or photographing them.

5. Customisability over luring deer

With battery-powered, automatic deer feeders, hunters and deer watchers can control where the deer stay in the feeding area when they are lured in. It allows for better watching, photography, or aim spots. This also helps with the time they come in, as the mechanism for these feeders can be set accordingly to release specific amounts of feed at given times or specific intervals.


Deer feeding is an exciting task with a wide range of factors involved and hence, requires a lot of planning due to weather conditions, type of feed, land area, and a few other important points to note. In such cases, automatic feeders are a boon for deers and watchers. They ensure the deer is well-fed and healthy for herd management purposes, while photographers and hunters can get a good shot.

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