Tips For An Awesome Road Trip

July 27, 2022

It is that time of year again! Summer – the time of endless possibilities and an ever-growing wanderlust. Are you ready for the road trip of your lifetime? Whether you are thinking about what to pack or the options surrounding suv rental, we will jump into the discussion and find out a few ideas and suggestions that will help you to have the best trip with your friends this summer.

Why Should You Trip A Road Trip?

So many people agree that a good road trip is the best way to spend a summer. If you decide to travel as a group with friends or family, you will get to create so many memories and enjoy so many shared experiences. If you opt for a solo trip, you will learn a great deal about yourself. Regardless of the details, travelling is good for the soul and will no doubt make a lasting impression on you as an individual and teach you valuable lessons that will stay with you for the rest of your life. It may sound like the ideal trip for the free-spirited, but for everything to go as planned, it does require a little preparation and planning. Let us think about a few top tips for the best summer road trip of your life!

  1. Luggage. It might feel like a challenge, but there are some great advantages if you can learn to travel light. You are going to conserve a great deal more fuel and improve the efficiency of your trip if you can reduce the weight of your car. Big, bulky suitcases will take up too much space so try wrapping your belongings in smaller, softer bags like backpacks. Keep an overnight bag handy so you can grab one bag with all the essentials for a one-night stay on the way. 
  2. Location. This might seem obvious but have some idea of the route you’re going to take. It might be tempting to leave things to fate but if you are going to get stressed about where you are headed, or where you are going to stay, or if the en-route decision-making is going to cause arguments between passengers, it will be so much better if you can plan the route. Expect the unexpected – you could run out gas, get lost, have car trouble, or experience bad weather… think about the locations you are going to and how you can make these situations easier to handle by the places you choose to visit. 
  3. Rest. It is essential for both drivers and passengers to get enough good quality sleep in order to really enjoy the trip. If you can, share the driving with others and make regular stops to take a break and recuperate. By planning ahead of time, you will be aware of any big driving stints and be able to prepare by getting plenty of sleep beforehand.
  4. Accommodation. Book ahead when it comes to finding places to stay. This means you will experience less stress and fewer disappointments when you are on the road. You can save some money by trying not to focus too much on hotels and fancy accommodation – widen your perspective and consider the other options. It can change depending on your budget and preferences, but it is possible to find suitable options without spending too much money on overnight stays. When you book ahead and double-check your bookings before you leave, you will reduce the wasted time you may experience searching for alternatives when you arrive at a fully booked lodging. 
  5. Stay safe. Remember to do regular maintenance checks on the vehicle you are driving. If you are not sure of how to check the important things before you leave, think about getting a qualified mechanic to have a look over the vehicle before you head off so you are less likely to experience hiccups on the way. Keep in mind the basic safety precautions when you are driving – just because you are on vacation, do not let your guard down. Keep your phone out of reach and if your car party is getting rowdy and distracting, do not be afraid to ask for some quiet if you need to concentrate on the road. If you can, avoid driving at night and in any particularly bad weather. Get enough sleep to keep your reaction times up to scratch and do not be afraid to take a break whenever you need. It is a good idea if you are going solo to turn on the tracking facility on your phone and give a family member or friend an itinerary of the places you are going to visit and when. That way, you have someone who can keep an eye on you and who knows exactly where you are if you need help. 

How To Save Some Money On Your Road Trip

A road trip is not always a cheap holiday option, but there are a few things you can do to lower the costs and make it more affordable. Although it might be convenient to find food, drink, and fuel at roadside gas stations, due to the demand the prices are often a lot higher. Find an option a little bit away from the highway and you are likely to find a cheaper alternative. If you have little ones in your car party, it does not take a lot of money to prepare some games and activities for them to keep them entertained. You could even try some free trials of different audiobook services and then listen to some interesting reads on the way. Shop around when it comes to booking accommodation and finding places to eat. 

With a little time and effort, you can make a road trip that’s memorable for everyone and for all the right reasons. Make this a summer to remember, one you can look back on with happy memories in mind. It might not all go exactly to plan, but do not sweat the small stuff. Prepare for what you can and accept what you cannot predict – it will all make a good story to tell around the dinner table in the future!

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