What Are Kim Kardashian’s Top Accomplishments?

August 13, 2022

There are few people who have never heard of Kim Kardashian in passing. As such an influential public figure, it is safe to say Kim has her fair share of accomplishments to be proud of. But not everyone is aware of all of them. If you have not been following Kim’s journey for that long, chances are you may have missed out on more than a few notable moments in her life. Here are just some of the amazing things she’s accomplished:


Kim K’s clothing brand, SKIMS, is one of her latest achievements and it is helping women to embrace their natural beauty. Focussing on shapewear, the brand helps women of all colors find underwear that is right for their bodies, regardless of their shape or size. From bodysuits to waist trainers, women can embrace their natural curves and enhance them without feeling self-conscious. Every garment comes in a wide range of skin tones, making SKIMs a brand that truly champions diversity and inclusion.


Launched back in 2015, the KIMOJI app was downloaded nine thousand times each millisecond and caused the Apple app store to crash. While the concept of the app is simple, a library of Kardashian-themed emojis, fans were so thrilled by her creation that they just could not wait to get their hands on these new digital graphics. Kim has always proven herself to be an astute businesswoman and KIMOJI just proves this fact further.

Keeping Up With The Kardashians

Undoubtedly one of Kim’s biggest successes, the reality TV show Keeping Up With The Kardashians is not far from being a household name. The series ran for just under fourteen years, making it the longest ever US reality TV show. It takes a serious amount of commitment to continue a project for so long, no matter its success, and Kim was a central part of it, showcasing her tenacity and dedication to her work. Keeping Up With The Kardashians has been in receipt of and nominated for a huge number of awards and will undoubtedly be referred to in popular culture for years to come.

KKW Fragrances

Similarly to SKIMS, Kim’s KKW fragrances are contributing to improving attitudes toward body image. The marketing campaign for the line involved images of women’s bodies that were not conventionally perfect. The models were different sizes and had ‘imperfections’ such as stretchmarks or cellulite. These images prompted women to share how they felt seen and supported across social media, showing just what a big impact campaigns like this can have on the self-esteem of women everywhere.

DASH Boutique

While DASH no longer exists, when it was founded in 2016 it was a product of Kim and her sisters’ efforts to make their mark on the fashion industry. It is true that Kim didn’t achieve this one on her own, but sometimes collaboration is even more amazing than founding a company by yourself. Everyone knows how close the Kardashians are, so knowing they worked together to create something special is truly heart-warming. 

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