How Outdoor Lighting Can Improve Your Business

August 17, 2022

Most business owners know that commercial buildings need reliable, safe, and functional lighting for both indoors and outdoors, but many do not leverage all the benefits of landscape lighting. Yet, there is so much outdoor lighting can do for your business, from increasing security and accessibility to branding and advertising, that it is something worth investing in for a business of any size.

Ready to elevate your property with landscape lighting? Read on for the ins and outs of outdoor lighting for business and get to know the best outdoor lighting fixtures for commercial buildings.

The Best Outdoor Lights For Businesses

The wide range of outdoor lighting fixtures on the market can be overwhelming for anyone. However, choosing the right ones is easier than you might think. Your business has specific needs to meet as you are not looking for outside lights for patio or pendant lights, but long-lasting, reliable, and safe solutions that get the job done without compromise. That said, aesthetics are just as important as they are for residential landscape lighting. Your outdoor lights say a lot about your business long after you have closed for the day. That is why you need to make smart choices about the style, quantity, and placement of your outdoor lights.

Outdoor Lighting Ideas To Improve Your Business:

Step Lights: Steps, curbs, and edges (and all fall hazards) should be fitted with step lights to keep employees and visitors safe around your property.

Floodlights: The name says it all; these fixtures flood the space with light, making them an ideal choice for areas where increased visibility is required.

Standing Lamp Posts: Lamp posts are a good solution for areas where the fixtures cannot be attached to walls or ceilings. Consider adding LED bollards to walkways to elevate your space.

Motion-Activated Lighting: Lights equipped with motion sensors switch on only when they detect movement. Reduce your energy costs and install them in areas where you don’t need light all night long.

Area Lights: Area lights are meant to cover large areas from above. What is great about them is that you need just a few fixtures to get the job done. For covered areas, such as garages, use specialized parking garage lights that work on the same principle.

Wall Packs: Ideally, wall lights should be installed on all your exterior walls to increase the security of your property, but adding them to entrances or exits will go a long way to deter intruders.

Spot Lights: Use spot lights to draw attention to the unique architectural features of your building, your signage and opening hours, art installations, or your greenery. You want to use them for anything your customers might appreciate seeing during the night.

Dusk To Dawn Lights: As the name suggests, these lights turn on when the sun goes down and turn off once there is natural light. They are great for areas that need to be lit all night long (around entrances or loading docks, for instance).

Reasons You Should Update Your Commercial Lighting Fixtures 

Outdoor lighting for business is not about buying the most luxurious fixtures but investing in a lighting design that is welcoming to customers while keeping intruders at bay. If you have not already thought about upgrading your commercial lighting fixtures, there are plenty of reasons why you should:

  • Improve Your Building Security

The number one reason for updating your commercial lighting fixtures is to add more security to your property. A well-lit building helps keep intruders away and can signal to the outside world that the business is open, even when you are not there. Increase the number of fixtures around your property, so that your employees and customers can feel safe after the night has fallen. At the same time, watch out for over-illumination and poor light placement so that other security solutions are not compromised by your outdoor lights.

  • Lower Your Energy Use

LED lights are more energy-efficient than halogen or incandescent bulbs. Even though their initial cost is higher, they last for decades, they help reduce your energy consumption, and lower your energy bill. LED is the number one technology in landscape lighting for businesses, so if you have not yet updated your fixtures, it might be time to consider an upgrade.

  • Prevent Accidents On Your Property

When installed with safety in mind, landscape lighting helps prevent trips and falls that usually happen around steps, curbs, and edges. Consider equipping these areas with multiple lights to reduce the risk of accidents around your building.

  • Elevate Your Brand

You can also use landscape lighting as a branding or advertising tool, for instance, by pointing lights onto your logo or the architectural details of your building. You can go one step further and illuminate your billboards with your latest offers and promotions so customers can see them even after you’ve closed for the day. What does your brand stand for? Luxury, accessibility, or trustworthiness? The temperature and brightness of your fixtures can also help convey these values. Choosing the right outdoor lighting for business will pay for the initial investment with a more recognizable brand.


While landscape lighting for businesses and residential landscape lighting have similar uses, commercial properties need greater visibility to ensure building security and prevent accidents. Add to this the advertising opportunities you can take advantage of with outdoor lighting for business and you can see why upgrading your outdoor lighting can be beneficial for your business. 

There is a wide range of fixtures available on the market, and it is easy to miss the mark with them; therefore, instead of over-illuminating your property, make smart, energy-efficient choices that your business can benefit from in the long run.

Not sure where to start? Hevi Lite is an expert in outdoor lighting for business. Contact us for a free consultation to make the most out of landscape lighting that will benefit both your employees and customers for years to come.

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