How Much Does A Sailing Boat Cost In Croatia?

August 18, 2022

A sailing trip through the breathtaking Islands in Croatia is a fantastic experience you do not want to miss.

These ancient islands offer breathtaking scenery, plenty of history, and a relaxing atmosphere.

Planning a sailing trip through this beautiful country would require a lot of preparation. Your accommodation, feeding, and sailing expenses must be sorted out. 

In this article, we will walk you through the type of sailing boat to purchase for your trip and the factors that may influence the pricing. You can always find out everythings you want to know – and more – on Sebastus

Let us get to it!

Preferred Boat Type

Here are some types of sailing boats to choose from.

  • Classic sailing boats

Price: €250,000 to €13,500,000

Albeit simple, these boats are fully furnished with everything needed for a beautiful day at sea. 

The cabins, saloons, galley, and baths are old, but spacious and beautifully decorated. 

If you are driven by wind rather than an engine, a classic sailing boat might be right for you.

  • Catamarans

Price: €344,400 to €3,439,284

Catamarans are made up of two linked hulls and are more stable and spacious than monohulls due to their structure. 

They are an excellent alternative for people with little or no sailing experience and for more experienced sailors looking for comfort and spaciousness.

  • Luxury boats

Price: €990,000 to €125,000,000

Luxury boats are usually more like floating homes rather than boats.  

They provide extra comfort and excellent services for you and your guests on both longer and shorter trips. 

The crew quarters cabins and baths are typically separated from the guest quarters to provide privacy, while the rest of the enormous boat is furnished with everything you could need. 

Sailing Boat Grade

The grade of a sailing boat also affects its cost price. A brand new boat would cost way more than a 10-year-old boat.

Regarding ready-to-sail boats that don’t require any maintenance to get started, prices range from €20,000 for smaller boats to €200,000+ for bigger, more contemporary yachts. 

The advantages of buying used boats are that they are typically highly kept and repaired.

The obvious disadvantage is that fairly-used boats have seen more action than new boats. So, they frequently exhibit more wear and tear than newer vessels.

By getting a boat from a professional firm that has been thoroughly tested, repaired, and maintained, your boat will operate for a long time with few or no issues.


The size of a sailing boat also plays an essential role in its pricing. Typically, the larger the boat, the higher the price.

  • Dinghy

A dinghy is a small sailboat mainly used as a lifeboat or for leisurely cruising the sea and soaking up the sun.

The price of a decent dinghy ranges from €4916.18 to €29497.05.

The price, however, largely depends on your preference and taste.

  • Yacht

Yachts are larger and more suited for a more extended, private, luxurious sailing experience.

The price of a Yacht usually varies from €990,000 to €125,000,000, depending on the size and taste.

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