Traveling With Prescription Sunglasses: Women’s Tips

August 18, 2022

Traveling with prescription sunglasses can be a daunting task for women that have never done it before. The fear of damaging, losing, or even worse, schlepping around bag full of glasses can keep you from seeking out that perfect vacation spot by the sea or on a tropical island, far away from the office. 

Women have different issues with prescriptions sunglasses than men. They are more concerned about the way they look and how they can be perceived while wearing prescription sunglasses. These are some of the tips to follow so you can deal with the concerns when you travel while wearing prescription sunglasses.

Here is some information that can help you travel with your glasses and prevent damage to them:

Keep Your Sunglasses In Their Case

Prescription Sunglasses should always be stored in their case when not in use. A case will help keep them from getting scratched or damaged while you are traveling or commuting. Some people like to carry their sunglasses in a small pouch or case so they can easily access them when needed. If you do not want to carry around an extra item just for your shades, consider keeping them in their case at all times and placing it inside another bag or pocket.

Protect Your Lenses With Cleaning Cloths

You should clean your lenses every time you use your eyeglasses. Even if they do not look dirty, dirt and debris can scratch the lenses over time. Cleaning cloths are available at most pharmacies and department stores, or you can use a soft cloth from home that you know has never been used with chemicals. Use a circular motion when wiping off your glasses, and do not use too much pressure on the lens or it could crack. If there is an oily smudge on one of your lenses, try using rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball to remove it before using the cleaning cloths.

Consider An Sunglasses Chain

If you have a big case or bag, consider packing your glasses in a padded case or wrapping them up in bubble wrap so they are not banging around inside. This is especially important if you will be traveling by plane and checking your luggage. Not only does this protect your glasses from damage if they fall out of your bag, but it prevents them from sliding around and getting lost — especially if you do not want to wear them through security.

Avoid Prolonged Exposure To Sunlight

It is important to remember that prescription sunglasses are not 100 percent effective at blocking out all UV rays. Even if you have the darkest pair of shades possible, it is still important to avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight. While it is tempting to stay out as long as possible during your vacation, try not to spend too much time outside in direct sunlight if you want your eyes to stay healthy.

Keep Them in Your Carry-On Bag

Even if you do not have any liquids or gels in your bag, it is a good idea to keep prescription sunglasses inside your carry-on bag. If you happen to forget something in your checked luggage and have to go back for it, you will not have access to them while waiting at the airport gate or sitting on the plane.

Do Not Leave Them In The Car

If you have a car accident and lose consciousness while wearing prescription glasses, they could shatter into pieces. If this happens while you are driving, there is no telling what kind of damage they could do to your eyesight or face if they fall onto your lap or dashboard during an accident. Keep them in a hard case when not in use and keep them out of reach of children at all times.


When it comes to prescription sunglasses, there are plenty of things you can do to ensure they remain safe while you are traveling. As caring designers, you have to be that much more careful when handling such an important item, so make sure to follow the above tips and your sunglasses will reach their destination in tip-top shape.

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