Water Activities In The Lake District

August 22, 2022

The Lake District is the ultimate British destination for water sports and water-based activities. Where better to give paddleboarding, diving, sailing, windsurfing, and more fun water activities a go than across some of the country’s most beautiful lakes? If you are planning a last-minute summer vacation this year, why not get adventurous and plan some water activities to spend your time in the Lake District, enjoying the cool water and the warm weather all at the same time? Courtesy of Lake District Hotels, this handy guide provides all the information you need to enjoy some of the best water sports on the lakes. 

Paddleboarding on the lakes 

For those who just want to dip their toes into the world of water sports, a great way to start is to take up paddleboarding. This fun yet often calm activity makes for the ideal beginners’ water activity. Those who have never tried paddleboarding before can take to the water with the assistance of a trained guide. Helping to navigate the board, the paddle, and the water, while remaining safe. With a little more experience visitors can also head out on the water alone. This provides the perfect opportunity to enjoy the calm water of the lakes and the natural beauty surrounding them. 

Kayaking on Ullswater Lake 

Kayaking has fast become a popular water activity on the Lakes. Most visitors to the Lake District are in favour of the kayak tours which are carried out on the famous Ullswater lake. The most beautiful yet quietest of the lakes, Ullswater’s idyllic islands, beaches, bays, and scenery provides the perfect backdrop for a day spent kayaking with friends and family. If you prefer some additional comfort, excursions also provide double kayaks, so you can buddy up with a partner for even more fun. The only doubt you may have now is whether or not you will be able to stay dry! 

Canoe Hire 

Across the Lake District, you will find various opportunities to hire canoes. With a canoe hire for an hour or two, you can enjoy the stunning views, small islands and bays that surround some of the biggest lakes. Plenty of the canoe hire providers offer canoes of all different sizes, ideal for couples and families alike. Why not take advantage of the many canoe hire options available, incorporating this into your day on the lakes, followed by a picnic on the shoreline? 

No visit to the Lake District is complete without a trip out on the water. With experts offering their advice and guidance, plus plenty of opportunities to take a board, boat or kayak out on a solo adventure, there is plenty to choose from. So, whichever water activity you opt for, you will be guaranteed a good time. 

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