Laundry Tips For Backpack Traveling

August 23, 2022

Packing light is not in the vocabulary for first-timers on long backpacking trips. If this is your first time travelling for a more extended period with only a few clothes, do not worry, you can do laundry while on travel. Some may think going for laundry while on travel is tedious, but paying for additional baggage costs is much of a waste.

There are several laundry methods you can do when travelling. If you want the most convenient one, take advantage of the laundry service amenity of the hotel you checked in. However, if you plan to book an Airbnb, research beforehand if there are near laundromats or places that offer laundry pickup and delivery services.

And if you are lucky enough, some Airbnb has a washer, dryer, or laundry room available. If luck is on your side, here are the tips you have to know:

Bring a laundry bag for sorting

Whether you plan to do your laundry on your own or have it through laundry services, you need a laundry bag to sort your clothes. It is better to sort out everything before going to the laundromat. You can also look for pick up and delivery service for your laundry.

Rotate clothes while on long trips

At this point, we know you are worried about the outfits you will wear on your trip. You cannot bring several sets of clothes, especially when you change your outfits often. It only gives you more deadweight from the laundry when you get back. Bring 2 to 3 days’ worth of clothes to give you more time to transition from one outfit to the next. 

Hand washing for delicate clothes

We cannot deny how hand washing is the cheapest form to wash your clothes. This is needed for delicate clothes, you cannot wash this type of clothes inside a washer and throw them in the dryer. There might be miscalculations in hand washing your delicate clothes which may damage them.

Bring travel-sized laundry detergent

If you plan to do laundry during your travel, the least you can bring is a travel-sized laundry detergent. Using a hotel soap is not suitable for your clothes. It may leave residues on the fibers. Meanwhile, if you bring a travel size of the detergents you often use, you will not experience any hassle looking for a specific brand. Always use a brand that uses non-toxic and eco-friendly ingredients.

However, if the odds are not in their favor, you can look for a self-service laundromat nearby. This method is quite common in developed countries. Although this method might use more of your time, you will have to wait for your clothes to finish washing and drying. In this case, you have to be productive when doing this. You can have your breakfast while waiting. 

Final Say

Nothing is impossible with backpack travelling for an extended period. You can laundry your clothes after every use without worrying you will have a shortage of clothes. Moreover, having a small amount of luggage saves you from additional fees. Do not forget to spend your travel budget.

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