Which Ring Lights Are Ideal for Your YouTube Videos?

August 25, 2022

Great video content production calls for more than a camera and a great script. The lighting greatly influences the tone and atmosphere of your video, and it also plays a crucial role in making you appear your best. The quality of your lighting also speaks volumes about your credibility as a videographer and subject matter expert. Increased foot traffic and sales can be attained through properly lit spaces. Firstly, here we discussed mini ring lights in detail. So, let’s have a look!

An Explanation for Mini Ring Lights

A mini ring light is a circular light, as the name implies. Typically, hundreds of LEDs are attached to the ceiling, or hundreds of circular fluorescent tubes provide the illumination.

Both fluorescent tubes and light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are housed in a spherical enclosure. This ring has a mounting box and control panel on one side of the circle. The light can be mounted on a stand. Dimmer controls and other electronics will be housed in the panel.

Fluorescent tube circular lights are mains voltage because they draw electricity straight from an electrical socket (a ballast in the control panel regulates the power to the lamp). LED light rings run on DC electricity and can be powered by either rechargeable batteries or a DC power adaptor.


What Exactly Is the Function of a Ring Light?

Many YouTubers and other online video makers, especially those focusing on hair and makeup, now usemini ring lights. Makeup tutorials benefit greatly from the shadowless, soft light produced by a ring lamp; hence its use is widespread. The ring light and the close-focus of the camera make it possible for the tutorial’s audience to witness even the smallest makeup application steps.

They’re also all over the place in the worlds of music videos, entertainment videos, and fashion photography. The video’s aesthetic is elevated by the lighting’s natural quality and the presence of its signature catchlights.

Displaying something on a tabletop? Mini ring lights might be a handy aid. The camera is aimed through the ring, and the light is turned through 90 degrees.

Advice on Picking the Right Ring Light for Your Online Video Channel



Your ability to manipulate the amount of light falling on your subject will be greatly enhanced if your light is dimmable. If you don’t have a dimmer, you’ll have to experiment with different distances from the light source to your subject to achieve the desired effect. A wider range of dimmability is expected from LED bulbs.


Exceptionally High Color Rendering Index

Colors will look more accurate and vibrant if you use light with a high CRI. Try to find a CRI of 90 or higher, preferably 95. Listings without CRI information may indicate that the bulbs or LEDs used are of lower quality.

Potential Controls

Possessing multiple power sources may be advantageous. Rechargeable batteries allow you to take your light anywhere without worrying about tripping over an extension cord.

Additional Diffusion

If you utilize a fluorescent tube phone light ring, the light will be more evenly dispersed because there will be more of it. You can get even gentler illumination by placing a diffuser in front of the ring.


LED ring lights are generally preferred over fluorescent tube lights. LEDs do not look noticeably dim over time like incandescent bulbs do. They’re also easier to transport and move around than fluorescents. With any luck, a high LED, and a portable ring light, you or your subject will appear fantastic in every photograph. Find one well-made to provide years of use with no problems. Choose the best ring light and make an informed decision.

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