How To Make The Summer Break Productive For Your Kids

September 6, 2022

While some kids may love spending their summer lazing around playing video games, others are likely to quickly get bored. Encouraging your kids to take up productive activities can make the summer break more rewarding. Such activities help your kids to grow as individuals and can have long-term benefits. But just what are some of the ways that kids can be encouraged to be productive? Below are a few examples:

Keep the learning going

It can be worth keeping kids’ brains active during the summer by encouraging them to keep learning. This could include revising topics so that they do not forget them, or learning completely new things such as a new language or facts. One of the most important things that children learn is how to socialize and interact with others. You can read online storybooks from that can help teach these essential skills, which are known for social-emotional learning (SEL). They are one of the most popular forms of early childhood education, and they have been shown to be effective methods for promoting positive development in children. Your kids may already have some homework to do over the summer break. If not, consider looking into summer bridge workbooks or private tutor lessons. This could be particularly worthwhile for helping kids who may be struggling in certain subjects, giving them a chance to catch up. It could also be an opportunity to help gifted kids excel and reach their potential. 

Allow your kids to travel

Travelling as a family could be an enriching experience for your kids. It is a chance to learn about other parts of the world and experience new cultures. If your kids are grown up, you could even consider giving them permission to travel on their own or with friends. Many kids travel before going to college — even a week or two in another country could be a rewarding experience. 

Teach your kids life skills

The summer break could be a chance to teach your kids life skills. It could be a chance to teach younger kids how to swim, how to ride a bike and how to make their bed. Older kids can meanwhile be taught the basics of cooking, budgeting skills and even housework skills like using a washing machine. It is easier to teach these kids such skills when you have the time and patience, rather than at the end of a busy work/school day. 

Help kids develop their passions

You could also use the summer break as an opportunity to help kids develop and pursue their passions. This could include encouraging them to try new sports or dance — there are many kids clubs that are likely to be offering free taster sessions over the summer break. Alternatively, you could help kids to take up interests and hobbies at home like drawing, baking or playing an instrument. This could include investing in necessary equipment to help them pursue these hobbies at home or even partaking in this hobby together.

Encourage them to socialize

Socializing is important for encouraging kids to form strong friendships and develop social skills. Make sure that kids are spending time with friends over the summer break. With younger kids, you may have to organize playdates for them. Older kids meanwhile may need to be encouraged to plan events with friends — some kids will naturally want to do this, but others may need to push.

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