Do Anti-Colic Bottles For Babies Actually Help?

September 26, 2022

You show love to your baby by making them feel comfortable and settled and by providing for their needs. That is why you get so stressed when your baby cries so hard for a couple of hours for an unclear reason. If you cannot understand why your little one is crying, colic might be one of the causes.

In this article, we will look into how an anti colic bottle works to help improve the well-being of your baby. But first, let us explore the definition of colic to try to understand what your baby is going through.

What is colic?

According to studies, colic is one of the most common discomforts or disorders experienced by newborns. It affects up to 40% of babies between birth and six months.

Babies express discomfort through crying. Those who deal with colic would cry a lot more, usually for more than three hours a day, three days a week, for no apparent reason. Parents would provide instant relief and soothing to their crying babies, like cuddling and carrying, gently rocking their baby in their arms, feeding, or changing diapers and into comfy clothes. Colic in infants is different, however.

According to sources, colic is caused by the build-up of air in babies’ stomachs during feeding or the indigestion of foods, causing pain and discomfort. The common signs of colic besides excessive crying for no particular reason are: your baby is unsettled, clenches their fists, brings up their knees up to their stomach or arches back, and has gassy tummies and red face. Babies with colic can also be oversensitive to light or noise.

This condition is stressful enough for the family and can trigger anxiety. It also affects your baby’s motor and cognitive development if not solved or intervened. But do not worry too much. Knowing the right thing to do during this stage goes a long way. 

Many studies have tried to answer babies with colic from different therapeutic methods. You can try these soothing interventions for immediate relief: 

  • Cuddling your baby
  • Sitting your baby upright during feeding
  • Softly rocking your baby in the crib
  • Bathing your baby in warm water
  • Providing some warm light and gentle white noise in the background

This experience can be very exhausting and frightening, especially if you are a new parent. But worrying too much will not help. It is a common condition among babies, and while the causes are yet unclear, you can start making the right choices for your baby. 

You can look for more information about colic and ask for tips from your doctor. 

Fortunately, some products are already available and beneficial to babies to help prevent this, including special baby milk formula, infant drops, and over-the-counter liquid supplements. An anti-colic bottle for your baby can also come in handy.

Now, do you need an anti-colic bottle for your baby? If you want to know if you should get one, you are scrolling on the right page.

Do anti-colic bottles actually help?

Bottle feeding and sucking can be challenging if introduced to babies. A not-so-obvious but essential feature in a baby bottle impacts the feeding process: the even flow of milk and air. Milk flow in bottle-feeding is different from breastfeeding. Air can slip through your baby’s lips to and from the bottle’s nipple when using a traditional bottle. That is why an appropriate bottle design would help.

The anti-colic bottles are special bottles designed to allow and reduce the baby’s air intake during feeding. It helps prevent the gas, bloating effect and painful colic. Some bottles have optional micro-vents to allow air and help prevent a vacuum inside the bottle.

Helpful features of an anti-colic bottle:

  • Different teat flows facilitate milk flow at the right speed
  • Equipped with an anti-colic valve system that reduces excessive airflow and prevents air bubble
  • Angled bottle shape to aid the baby in an upright feeding position

Parents can choose from a wide range of anti-colic bottles and accessories available. Here are more features from some of the best-selling anti-colic bottles on the market: 

  • Easy-to-use and grip, squeezy bottle
  • Soft textured promotes a natural latch and is designed to mimic a breast-like nipple
  • Makes weaning easier for baby
  • Made of safe food-grade silicone
  • Preserves breastmilk’s nutrients as it cools down and prevents bacterial growth
  • Makes feeding sessions fun and hassle-free
  • Dishwasher and microwave-safe
  • Easy cleaning and safe to sterilise in hot water
  • Odour and stain-resistant

An anti-colic bottle is helpful for newborns, bottle-fed and breastfed. It also comes in handy for babies with no colic to prevent future discomfort.

There is a lot of trusted guidance to help you and your baby get through this unsure period. You can try these products or seek advice and support from your doctor. If your baby still exhibits the symptoms and is older than four months, you can seek your paediatrician’s help.

This phase will test your patience, but the sooner you ease the discomfort in your baby, the better. Smart parenting is the key.

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