How To Keep Hot Tub Costs Down

October 3, 2022

We all know how much of an impact the cost-of-living crisis is having on our monthly bills and with energy bills increasing, it might be time to think about how you use your energy. With that in mind, the rising cost of energy shouldn’t stop you from looking for hot tubs for sale because there are things you can do to keep the cost down.

Turn The Temperature Down


Much like the heating in your home, just by turning down your hot tub by a degree or two, you can save money. Sure, it might be nice to step into a 40 degree Celsius hot tub getting your water to this temperature does require a lot of energy. If you turn your hot tub down to 38 degrees, you will barely notice a difference in the temperature, but you will notice a saving on your energy bills as this can help to save you around 20% on your hot tube energy bill.

Change Energy Tariff


You should only do this after assessing your situation and determining how and when you use your electricity as you shouldn’t base it purely around your hot tub. With this in mind, you could check to find out if you are on the best tariff to see if you can save money on your bills.

Check The Condition Of The Cover


The cover of your hot tub is not just to stop insects, animals and dirt from getting in there, but it is also used to ensure that it retains as much heat as possible. You should ensure that there are no tears or other problems that might prevent it from offering good insulation. Around 60% of the heat is lost through the surface, so it makes perfect sense to ensure that you have a cover in place that is doing its job properly!

Clean Your Filter


It might seem obvious but one way of keeping costs down is to ensure that your hot tub is clean. If you allow dirt and grime to build up, it will mean that your filter will have to work harder and when it does, it will become clogged. This will have an impact on the flow of water which means it will have to work harder to clean the water. So, give your filter a rinse on a weekly basis and have a spare filter too, so you can rotate them while cleaning to ensure that your hot tub is still usable.

It Might Be More Efficient To Leave It Running


If you use your hot tub more than three times per week, then you might want to leave it running in between uses. When you leave it cool and then heat it back up, it has to work harder to get it back up to temperature. Experts recommend that you should keep the temperature anything from 25 degrees to 35 degrees, only increasing the temperature just before you plan to use it.

Your hot tub might be one of the little pleasures you enjoy in life, so don’t give it up because of rising prices. Be smarter and follow our tips below to help you avoid an increase in your hot tub bills.

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